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How Did Airbnb Survive The Travel Restrictions  of 2020?

How Did Airbnb Survive The Travel Restrictions of 2020?

Traveling is a normal part of the lives of people. People travel for business, work, vacation, look for themselves, discover the world, and more. When they travel, they see unto it that they spend their money practically and effectively. Therefore, looking for the perfect accommodation is vital. Not everyone finds staying in a hotel worth it. They prefer to spend their money on discovering the place. Air Bed and Breakfast is the answer to their search. This company serves as the connection of travelers to local homes who can host and accommodate them. They provide affordable and reasonable prices with excellent quality of service. Therefore, there is no wonder why their company grew big and famous.
However, due to the pandemic, just like other businesses, even Air Bed and Breakfast were affected. There was also a drop in their stocks, due to the cancellation of travels. It led their customers to cancel their reservations. But, despite this big problem, they were able to find solutions to get back on their feet and provide better and extraordinary service. The following shows how Airbnb survived the travel restrictions of 2020.

Lay Off

With a heavy heart, Airbnb was not able to protect some of its employees. They had to lay off some of them to save the company. The travel restrictions hit a lot of local and international businesses. Just like them, lay off was one of the solutions used by Airbnb to avoid losing more money because, during the beginning of the pandemic, they were uncertain of what might become the future of the company. They had to look at the bigger picture to solve their loss since they lost almost half of what they earn, and to lay off some of their employees was their first step in surviving.

Full Refund

To ensure that the company will still have the loyalty of its customers, despite the pandemic, they provided a full refund, penalty-free when travel restrictions were implemented. It angered some of their partner hosts. However, they will not survive if they disappoint their customers. Their customers are the most important and fundamental constituents. Therefore, until the end, they made sure that they will still provide the quality service they deserve. Losing money was okay as long as their customers remained loyal. This solution made its Airbnb more known. Society admired how they gave consideration and understanding to their customers. Therefore, they survived and blended well with the changes.


The travel restrictions pushed Airbnb to make a big change in its management, including the cities they are famous at. Airbnb is famous in all cities almost around the world, Airbnb statistics by city shows how demanded they are. Therefore, they had to be flexible and adapt to changes in those cities. It was not a severe challenge for them because the company is almost a hundred years old, and it survived a lot of problems. That is why they were ready to make any change to survive another challenge. Some of the changes they did in their management were, creating new guidelines for their partner homes in the famous cities, and how the company will run. They made sure that it was all in harmony with the demands and policies of travel agencies.

Cheaper Rent

Despite being known for the affordable price of their Air bed and breakfast, the company decided to offer cheaper prices. Giving a cheap price of services is in association with having more customers. Therefore, when Airbnb gave more affordable Airbnb service, the number of their customers slowly boosted.
A lot made reservations for a summer vacation. As tourism is slowly coming back, their bookings are slowly becoming full. This mindset is one of the reasons why Airbnb survived travel restrictions. It finds many ways to be back on track. With this, there is a higher possibility for them to go back to the number of its workforce.

Local Travel

Going to different places in your local community is also a great way to spend a vacation. Discovering and exploring the beautiful places where you live enables you to appreciate your hometown or country. You will learn more about your culture, ethnicity, and traditions. A lot of travel bloggers promote traveling locally before internationally to make the experience more surreal. Therefore, Airbnb started promoting local travel when travel restrictions started. They looked for beautiful and accessible places in different places and countries for their customers. Through this, their customer will not have a hard time looking for a place. Instead, they could just check this out on the website of Airbnb and book their travel and accommodation. Making the travel of their customers easier is a way for Airbnb to keep their customers stress-free and relaxed. All they need to do is enjoy every single moment of their vacation.

Cleaning Protocol

Airbnb conducted strict and firm cleaning protocols when the travel restrictions took place to keep their homes and employees COVID free. This immediate action enabled them to avoid more problems. Keeping their homes clean kept the place COVID free, which protected their employees from getting infected. It was also a way for them to avoid more expenses. When they kept their homes clean and well-disinfected to ensure that their local customers would be safe during their stay, they had a good number of customers. Staying in simple places like Airbnb that provides simple accommodation, was preferred by customers because they feel more guaranteed that they will be safe. They had to avoid any place that would be risky due to the number of people they might meet. Staying in a hotel means encountering a big number of people, and having lesser exposure to people was their priority.
The following ways of how Airbnb survived the travel restrictions of 2020 impressed a lot of people and businesses. They proved that they are capable of adjusting to any change in society. This problem did not stop them from providing quality service. Instead, it equipped them to give better and more satisfying service.

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