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The Benefits of Buying Local

The Benefits of Buying Local

By Nicole Samkange

Guaranteeing an endless supply of fresh and nutritious food, the benefits of buying local produce are endless.  From the harmful fuels being used, to the obscene amount of package wasting, not buying locally comes with many destructive factors.  Avoid refrigerated and packaged goods and alternatively decrease on unnecessary waste and pay for great tasting food!
Research undertaken by The New Economics Foundation in London provided information stipulating that profits towards the community can double when food is bought from local farmers and other independently owned businesses. It is also common practice that farmers hire members of staff that are knowledgeable in the different aspects of home growing and animal care ensuring that they can answer any questions on the origination and rearing of their products.  In addition to this, customers are able to develop an agricultural and environmental understanding of the local area.  Attending the farm with your family can prove to be a fantastic educational experience for not only yourself but for the younger generation.
The distance that our goods travel when not produced locally is an average of 1,500 miles.  Transported mostly by air or truck, this contributes towards the 310 kilogrammes of toxic chemicals that are released into the air every second.  Resulting in vast pollution, this can be avoided by obtaining your shopping necessities from the nearest farm.  Adhering to strict guidelines, local farmers use natural resources including recycling crop waste and natural gases to keep their plants and animals as organic and sustainable as possible.  This approach results in all of their produce becoming completely environmentally friendly.
The most appealing aspect of buying you food locally is the great tastes of the food.  By the time goods arrive at the stores, they can lose their versatility and flavour as sugar transforms into starch and plant cells shrink drastically.  Prior to your visit, your local farmer will hand pick or prepare your food in order to maintain the important nutrition and flavourful tastes contained within it.  Packed with vitamins and minerals that will ensure longevity and a healthier lifestyle, buying local is a life choice that will keep on giving.  

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