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The Benefits Of Booking A Charter Yacht With A Spa

The Benefits Of Booking A Charter Yacht With A Spa

In the past, charter yachts with a dedicated massage room were viewed as unique, but today more and more luxury charter yachts offer complete wellness centers, complete with spas, saunas and treatment spaces. As interest in healthy indulgences, ranging from yoga to aromatherapy massages and facials while maintaining a usual regimen of well-being on holiday, grows, so do facilities on board luxury charter yachts.


Imagine being able to experience your own private hammams, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi pool during your luxury charter? No need to travel ashore to an unfamiliar hotel or resort; if your charter yacht offers these wellness facilities, you and your guests will be able to enjoy luxurious treatments whenever you wish, without having to make a reservation or risk your privacy by sharing rooms. 

No need to pause your usual wellness routine during your vacation, as you will be able to continue it as usual, under the guidance of a trainer if you wish, on board a luxury charter yacht with a spa.


If you enjoy beauty treatments, such as facials, pedicure and manicures before a big night out, then booking a luxury charter yacht with a spa is a must. Together with your guests, you can endlessly pamper yourself while colouring your hair or having your nails done or make-up before a big night out. Enjoy the freedom of being able to book a long massage or practice aromatherapy at the drop of a hat, as charter yachts with a spa have qualified practitioners as part of their permanent crew.


With a skilled crew that usually includes everything from trained masseuses and chiropractors to yoga instructors and beauticians, every relaxing indulgence is covered. And if you wish to bring your own practitioner on board, then the crew onboard of your charter yacht with a spa will be more than happy to accommodate your needs and wishes.

All this and more are just a few of the benefits offered when chartering a yacht with a wellness facility.

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