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Why Spain Is The Perfect European Holiday Destination

Why Spain Is The Perfect European Holiday Destination

Most people dream of getting away from the hustle-bustle of daily life by taking a gorgeous European holiday. People think of Amsterdam, Paris, Santorini, and more, but many fail to see the beauty of Spain. Spain should be at the top of your bucket list as a holiday destination. The summers in Spain are beautiful, with endless sandy beaches, delicious food, and warm, welcoming people.

No matter what your budget, Spain is the place to enjoy your holiday in Europe. The famous Spanish festivals, vibrant nightlife, excellent gastronomy, and, of course, the 5000 plus kilometres of exquisite coastline add to the beauty of Spain.

While making your reservations, it is best to plan a detailed itinerary and make travel and accommodation bookings. We would advise you to find Bilbao holiday apartments, start your holiday in Bilbao with the Guggenheim Museum, move towards Madrid and the Golden Triangle, Seville, and Barcelona to visit La Sagrada Familia.
Cosmopolitan Cities:

Almost everyone is wholly spoiled for choice in Spain. You have cities like Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Seville, and many more to choose from that are a delight to visit. Madrid and Barcelona are world-renowned for their incredible food, globally recognized arts and historical places, and beautiful museums. One very crucial thing that people forget is that Spain is home to some gorgeous music. Each of the cities in Spain is known to have its own restaurants, live bands, clubs, and dynamic youth that add to the multicultural environment of the country.

Salamanca in Spain is probably the most underrated city. The city centre in Salamanca is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also has quaint cafes, tea houses, bars, pubs, and endless tapas!
Picturesque Villages:

The south of Spain is a travellers paradise. If you like soaking up the sun, sipping Sangria, and taking in the scenery, you should head to some of the villages dotting the southern Spanish countryside. Andalucía is known for whitewashed villages, vivid colours, and welcoming people. Many towns had fallen into disrepair, but efforts are being made to revive them. However, the charm of the south is still very much alive. These picturesque villages have ancient churches, age-old ruins, whitewashed houses, cobbled streets, and potted plants throughout.

When in the south, you should find some time to visit La Alhambra in Granada, the Islamic-Christian palace and fortress complex, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a significant tourist attraction and is known for its unique cultural heritage and architectural mix.
Delicious Food:

One of the highlights of visiting Spain is the excellent food. The country has several Michelin-star restaurants right beside quaint cafes and traditional seafood restaurants. Spain is known for tapas, paella, chorizo, and seafood stew. The most underrated thing about Spain is the excellent vineyards and fabulously full-bodied wine. After all, Spain gave the world Sangria.

Spanish cuisine is healthy, delicious, and flavourful. Barcelona is known for its excellent tapas, while Madrid is known for authentic paella. You can traverse tiny streets bursting at the seams with stalls and eat-out spaces for chorizo sausages, potatoes, olives, and spicy tomato sauce. Friend squid, seafood broth, and more, and some food types to look forward to in Spain.
Beautiful Beaches:

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, if you love the sea, you should head to Spain for the beaches. Since Spain has more than 5000 kilometres of coastline and is a part of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, you can rest assured the beaches are a must-see. From hidden alcoves, sandy, pristine surfs, blue flag beaches to holiday resorts, family activities, and romantic getaways for couples – you will find it all in Spain.

The Canary Islands and Ibiza are party destinations, with clubs and restaurants hosting parties nearly every evening. For families and romantic getaways, the beaches of Mallorca and Menorca are ideal. While budget travellers and backpackers should head to Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Each of the islands has its own stunning beaches and culture.
Art and Architecture:

Spain is also an art lover's destination. Spain is the home country of artists Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dali. The most famous works by Gaudi are the La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo.

The Dali Museum-Theatre in Catalonia and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona should be included in your itinerary. You should also visit the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao and the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. While in Madrid, the Golden Triangle of Art is worth seeing - the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

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