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When in London: Everything You Need to Know About Black Cabs

When in London: Everything You Need to Know About Black Cabs

Black cabs are one of the most iconic figures on London’s streets. They are the stately taxis that are to London what the yellow taxi is to New York City. Their drivers have spent years memorizing and learning the 25,000 or so streets in London, and their knowledge and sense of direction is unparalleled.
If you have ever wondered about black cabs, look no further.

All Black Cab Drivers Have Passed The Knowledge

The Knowledge is actually world-famous amongst taxi drivers. It is one of the most comprehensive tests out there for taxi drivers. Not only are you expected to know the full map of London, but you are also tested on your ability to create the shortest route from point A to point B. There are several rounds of testing, and the entire process can take years to finish.
It's been around since the 1800s, meaning it’s been the standard since cars first stepped onto the scene.

They May or May Not Own Their Own Cab

While most drivers you come across own their own cab, it isn’t a requirement. They may instead rent their vehicle from a private proprietor. Regardless of where they have received their vehicle, however, all black cabs undergo strict regulation requirements and checks to ensure that they are as safe as possible.
Drivers can buy their cabs from sites like, for example, or if they need to save up before buying one of their own they may rent out a vehicle for £150 to £200 per week. As you may guess in the long run, it is far cheaper to buy than rent.

All Black Cars are Accessible

Black cabs are not just any ordinary vehicle. They are specially equipped to be as accessible as possible so that it doesn’t matter if you are able-bodied or in a wheelchair, they can accommodate you. The drivers are also trained to help those with disabilities to the best of their own ability.
This makes black cabs a popular option for many, even if you can still technically get into your own vehicle or take the public transportation. You get comfort, you get safety, and you get the courtesy of a professional driver.

They Can Earn a Very Good Wage

Want to know how much a black cab driver typically makes in London? When business is good, cabbies in London can earn around £50,000 to £60,000 per year.That being said it can be hard to determine what any given taxi driver makes.
Some may make far less, others more. It depends on the type of clients you pickup, the time of day you operate, and how far your clients need to go.
Thanks to new apps like Free Now all types of taxi drivers can organize and find clients directly, meaning there is less time spent wandering the streets or waiting at a taxi stand. Since the app allows customers to book from a variety of private taxi companies this can increase revenue and profits.

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