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What Makes Santa Teresa the Perfect Place for a Holiday

What Makes Santa Teresa the Perfect Place for a Holiday

Santa Teresa is on the Nicoya Peninsula in northwest Costa Rica. The coastal resort acts as a haven for both holidaymakers and surfers. You can book your santa teresa luxury retreat and relax on some of Costa Rica’s best beaches in the afternoon. Or use the area as a base to explore national parks, cowboy towns and one of the surfing capitals of the world. Still not convinced? Keep reading and discover why Santa Teresa makes the perfect place for a holiday this year.

The beaches

Playa Santa Teresa has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The long stretch of sand has rock formations and a stunning coastline. Grab yourself a towel and head down to the sand for a few hours. Or bring your camera and capture some of Costa Rica’s most stunning coastlines. If you want a beach getaway, you can find dozens of private villas overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Why not splash out and treat yourself to a dose of luxury?


If you think the Caribbean is laid-back, you’ve never been to Santa Teresa. The sleepy beach town has a mixture of cultures from locals to expats to surfers. And all the long-term residents know each other. This is the type of place where the ‘Manana’ culture takes its true meaning. Visitors instantly get drawn into the relaxed atmosphere and slow pace of life. This offers something different from back home. Embrace it, chill out and come away feeling revitalised.

Still off-the-radar

You won’t see too many tourists in Santa Teresa. The town only started to get popular in the 1990s. Before that, there was barely any electricity. A small number of visitors filter through, but most head further south to more developed towns. You won’t feel the crowds or the tourist-centric nature like in the rest of Costa Rica. Even more convenient is that you can still use the town as a base to explore national parks within a few hours. So you can have your own piece of paradise without the crowds and enjoy the best that Costa Rica has to offer.

Nature is on the doorstep

Because of its location, nature is never more than a few minutes away. Howler monkeys echo around the rainforest and often search for food around the beach. Colourful parrots regularly fly over the town and perch themselves in the trees. You can easily head out into the rainforest and follow the trails. Or get a guide who can point out the different species of flowers and animals. Costa Rica has a reputation for nature and outdoors activities. But most feel overrun by tourists and backpackers on day trips. This feels different in Santa Teresa, and you’ll have the chance to immerse in nature with barely another soul around.

Good weather all-year round

It doesn’t get cold in Santa Teresa. Day time temperatures usually hover in the high 20s and low 30s. The perfect weather for t-shirts and shorts on the beach. Evenings feel warm and a refreshing breeze makes the night air cooler. You won’t need to bring a jacket nor will you have to use air-conditioning. Many residents claim Santa Teresa has the best climate in Costa Rica. And you’ll understand where they’re coming from when you visit.


Santa Teresa is an ideal place to learn how to surf. The waves aren’t as big as some of the other towns further along the coast. Several schools and instructors can teach anyone from surfers who want to brush up on their techniques to those who have never been on a board before. This gives you a chance to get out on the water and experience some of Costa Rica’s surfing scene. You don’t need to be the best or compete on the waves with the pros. Instead, you’ll find a chilled out place to enjoy yourself. Families often take advantage of this when they visit Santa Teresa. You can arrange lessons where you’ll have a private instructor just for you and your family.

Health, wellness and Yoga

The wellness scene thrives in Santa Teresa. You can find free yoga classes in some of the resorts and wellness retreats further along the isolated coast. Compared to other parts of Costa Rica, the quality here is usually much higher. Take the chance to do yoga or meditate in the lush environment. Or use it as an excuse to make other like-minded friends. Either way you’re in for a treat. Throw in the abundance of tropical fruits to snack on and private spas and you’re guaranteed to go away feeling completely revitalised.

See baby turtles

The Romelia Sea Turtle Conservation is near Santa Teresa. You can visit and watch the baby turtles hatch from their eggs on the beach. After they break the shell, they slowly crawl towards the sea in a mesmerising display of nature. If you’re here outside of the season, head to the conversation centre to learn more about their biology and lifestyle. While there are several places in the world to watch turtles hatch, the one near Santa Teresa has fewer visitors making the whole experience more special.

Start planning your vacation to Santa Teresa

If you want a laid-back coastal town without the tourists, head to Santa Teresa. And if you want to embrace nature, see baby turtles hatching or take part in yoga sessions. Find yourself a beachside villa in the pristine environment and make the most of this luxury getaway. 

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