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What Is Lincoln, Nebraska Known For?

What Is Lincoln, Nebraska Known For?

Nebraska isn’t that populous of a state, and many people consider it a “fly-over” state. For this reason, many people overlook the state’s great cities like Lincoln. This is a shame, as the city has a lot of great features that are more than enough to make you search for apartments in Lincoln, NE.
What makes Lincoln a great place to live in, and what do locals think are the signature features of their city are? Here’s what Lincoln, Nebraska is known for.
State Politics
Perhaps Lincoln’s biggest claim to fame is the city’s status as the capital of the state of Nebraska. Although Lincoln isn’t the largest city in the state, it is Nebraska’s most politically important city.
It is here where the seat of the state government is located and where the state government makes its most important decisions. Due to its status as the state capital, Nebraska is home to many politicians and political workers, making it a huge part of the city’s identity.
Tech Companies
When people think of areas with blooming tech scenes, they often first think of Silicon Valley or Austin, Texas. However Lincoln also has its own growing tech scene, often being referred to as the “Silicon Prarie”.
Lincoln is home to several large tech companies, boosting the city’s economy and providing jobs to local residents. These large companies employ thousands of Lincoln residents and are responsible for an influx of new people moving into the city. As the area’s tech scene continues to grow, Lincoln will only become more attractive to young professionals. In the future, Lincoln could be a city that experiences rapid growth due to its tech scene.
College Football
One of Lincoln’s defining points of identity is its affinity for college football. Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska, a school with a long history of success in college football. Although the Cornhuskers aren’t as successful now as they once were, the local fans are still just as passionate.
Local fans bleed Cornhusker red as they await the return of the football dynasty that the team used to have. Fans still crowd stadiums for home games, and it’s very common to see residents sporting their local team pride. If you find yourself in Lincoln, you’ll quickly notice how big of an appreciation residents have for their local college football team.
Historic Haymarket District
One of the biggest tourist attractions in Lincoln is the Historic Haymarket District. The area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to its historical significance to the area. However, the area’s main draw is the collection of restaurants, bars, and shops in the district.
There’s plenty to do, and tourists can spend an entire day just exploring what the area has to offer. It’s rare to have an area like this to be a core part of a city’s identity, but the Historic Haymarket District has done exactly that for many years.

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