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Welcome to the USA

Welcome to the USA

The land of endless opportunities, the land of endless diversity, the land of Hollywood, baseball, barbecue, Broadway, Apple, Vegas weddings, jazz and fireworks.  America is so large, so complex and diverse that it doesn’t matter if your holiday there lasts two weeks or two years – it will still feel like you’ve just scratched the surface.  Idealised all over the world, The United States blend a vast array of achingly stunning landscapes and adrenaline-charged, culture-loving cities with immense contribution to arts such as music, theatre and cinema.  Road tripping around the 50 states promises an extraordinary collection of natural settings including the tropical beaches of Florida, the vast stretches of dry desert and the giant redwoods of California, the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies, the never-ending plains of Texas, the pristine villages of New England, the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon, the overwhelming and hypnotic mist of the Niagara Falls.
Initially populated by the Native Americans (or the American Indians) who migrated to the area from the Northeast parts of Asia and colonised by Europe in the 16th and 17th Century, the United States of America declared their independence from the United Kingdom on 4 July 1776.  The country has played a dominant role in the cultural landscape of the world for years and draws millions of tourists who are thirsty for the great American Experience.  The cultural capital New York City is undoubtedly a box tick for all types of visitors.  With its romantic appeal coming from its fast-paced cosmopolitan vibe, superbly presented art scene and varied activities available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, The Big Apple is a never ending source of entertainment.  All the other metropolitan cities in the US: the glitzy and glamorous Los Angeles, the flamboyant Miami with its palm-fringed beaches, the sultry Las Vegas, the bohemian and individualistic at heart Boston and the vibrant and windy Chicago all offer a different notion of culture, people, cuisine and experiences. 
The capital city Washington in the District of Columbia and the numerous grandiose monuments in the National Mall offer an impressive exhibition of American culture and history that is not-to-be-missed. However, if city life escapades are not everything that you are looking for from your stay, Uncle Sam provides countless opportunities for nature loving and adventurous holidaymakers –craggy mountains, spectacular sandy beaches on both the East and West Coast, dense rainforests, breathtaking canyons, sandy dunes, endless arid valleys, and adrenaline-packed ski resorts.  From the evocative scenery of the white beaches of Hawaii, through the vibrant cosmopolitan cities, to the vast wilderness of Alaska, America is a land of immeasurable magnificence which promises unrivalled experiences and forever lasting memories.

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