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Unveiling the Lap of Luxury: Explore the Enchanting Sleeper Vande Bharat Express

Unveiling the Lap of Luxury: Explore the Enchanting Sleeper Vande Bharat Express

Indian Railways is set to launch a sleeper version of its popular Vande Bharat Express trains, according to a recent report by News 18. The Railway Ministry is completing the design and interior of this 16-coach train, with the aim of launching it around the New Year and completing the preparation of all new trains by March 2024.

Officials have revealed that the basic design of the sleeper Vande Bharat train has been finalized and work is currently underway on its details. The new sleeper train will offer larger berths and better furnishings compared to the existing sleeper coaches, providing passengers with increased comfort and luxury. To cater to the needs of passengers, the Railways will upgrade the toilets and provide charging ports for every passenger.

The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is responsible for producing the Vande Bharat trains and their variants. Currently, the preliminary design of the sleeper variant includes 11 three-tier coaches, four two-tier coaches, and one first-class coach. However, the number of coaches may change in subsequent variants. Along with these changes, the sleeper Vande Bharat Express will also feature additional special features that are expected to make it highly popular among passengers.

The sleeper Vande Bharat trains will offer better facilities compared to normal sleeper trains, including the prestigious Rajdhani and Tejas Express trains. Despite being a sleeper train, the interior features of the sleeper Vande Bharat Express will be similar to the chair car version. It will also be designed to run at a speed of 160 kmph and will have a pantry in each coach.

Passengers traveling on the sleeper Vande Bharat trains can look forward to enjoying on-board infotainment, a public announcement system, and the ability to communicate directly with the loco pilot in case of emergencies. These modern features are expected to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

With the launch of the sleeper Vande Bharat Express, Indian Railways aims to provide a new level of comfort and luxury to its passengers. The introduction of this sleeper variant showcases the Railway Ministry’s commitment to continually improving the travel experience for all passengers. 

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