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Transport Ideas to Suit Your Wedding Theme

Transport Ideas to Suit Your Wedding Theme

Are you thinking about having a theme for your wedding? If not, revise that thinking. Themes can completely transform your wedding from a standard ceremony into a true celebration of love. They’re also a lot more fun to plan, coordinate and attend. However, many people struggle to come up with ideas regarding transport for their wedding. After all, the options for this are pretty limited, right? Wrong. With a little bit of imagination and innovation, you can find the perfect wedding transport to suit your theme. For those looking for inspiration, we’ve written this article. Read on if you’d like to make your wedding theme even better than it was before.


Vintage is one of the most popular themes for a wedding. It’s especially appealing for those who want their ceremony and reception to have a certain classiness. Typically, a vintage wedding will have elegant decoration which has an almost rustic quality to it. When finding transport, you want something which emanates this high-brow aesthetic. In these circumstances, we recommend vintage cars like a convertible Cadillac or Chevrolet Corvette.

These are enduringly fashionable vehicles with the right balance of class and kitsch which makes them undoubtedly vintage. This means they’re perfect for wedding ceremonies; either when the bride is arriving, or when the married couple is being whisked away on their honeymoon. Vintage cars are also ideal for having your wedding pictures taken in with their open-tops. They let the wind blow through your hair, lifting the bridal veil and ruffling the wedding dress, all which makes for a very aesthetically pleasing, artistic photograph. You can have the perfect vintage wedding by hiring one of these period cars.


Old-fashioned themes are also popular because wedding ceremonies are traditional affairs. There’s something unmistakably classic and beautiful about this aesthetic, too. Dress down your wedding with a simple bouquet of white flowers, an understated lace gown, and a candlelit reception. But what should you do about transport? After all, vehicles are an invention of the modern era and might contrast too starkly against your old-fashioned theme.

Wedding planners; have no fear. We’ve got the perfect solution in the form of horse-drawn carriages. These are how brides have arrived at their weddings for centuries and have become an enduring classic. Even now, there are plenty of wedding suppliers who will hire out a horse and carriage. So, why not give one a go for your service?

Carriages are synonymous with tradition and elegance, plus the groomed horses make for a beautiful photograph. You can arrive in style with the true grandeur worthy of your wedding day.


If you’ve always been artsy and off the wall, then a bohemian wedding theme is probably the one you’ve gone for.

Personally, we think there’s so much fun and creativity to be had with an unconventional wedding. Swap an indoor service for an outdoor ceremony in the middle of a fairy-tale forest; take off your shoes and let your hair loose. All this can help breathe some fresh air into a more standard, by-the-books ceremony. To further emanate this bohemian aesthetic, we recommend hiring more hippish transport vehicles, too. For example, you could hire a classic Volkswagen minibus or Citroen 2CV. These cars have always been associated with unconventionality because of their bright colours and artsy design. Embrace your inner flower child by hiring one and dressing it up with bouquets and bunting.


We have to include military weddings in this list, even if they’re not technically a type of themed wedding. These are significant events which aim to honour those enlisted in the military and their enduring love for their partner. Either the bride or groom is dressed in their uniform for the ceremony, and fellow troops will often attend to see the married couple down the aisle. Though these weddings aren’t particularly themed, it is becoming increasingly popular for the couple to arrive or leave in vehicles like a tank or military land rover. This might be a worthwhile consideration for couples who want to show their partner they value their service.


If you grew up in the countryside, there’s probably nothing you love more than nature and therefore you want a rural theme for your wedding. This aesthetic has become increasingly popular as our society has diverged more and more from traditional wedding ceremonies, and we can understand why. Rural weddings are more down-and-dirty than most (with their services often taking place in barns or fields), but they’re undoubtedly beautiful. Flora and fauna are abounding alongside stunning countryside views. And what better way is there to arrive at your rural wedding than in a tractor? These are now an incredibly popular form of wedding transport. The high-elevation they provide makes them perfect for photo-ops, plus they’re a lot of fun to ride in. Weddings are celebrations, so we say it’s important to enjoy yourselves. Tractors also provide a nice contrast to the elegance of a wedding dress. You can make your special day even more iconic by hiring one.


Are you someone who prefers style and sophistication? Then you’ve probably chosen a modern theme for your wedding. These are usually hosted in a sleek venue with contemporary decoration and have a monotone or gold/silver accented colour scheme. This aesthetic is mature, minimalist and a little glamourous, so it makes sense you’d want transport which emanates these characteristics. That’s why we think limousines are perfect for a modern themed wedding. They’re the sleekest and most stylish form of transport on this list. Limousines also inject an element of luxuriousness which nicely suits the lavishness of a wedding. They usually come in black, which offers a nice colour contrast when photographing the bridal gown. You’ll look and feel like a million pounds as you arrive in a limousine.

These are some transport ideas to suit a variety of wedding themes. We hope reading this list has inspired you, so you can find the perfect wedding transport for your special day.

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