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Top 10 travel essentials for exploring Europe

Top 10 travel essentials for exploring Europe

Europe is a vast and varied (largely) connected continent that is perfectly built for travellers who want to see as much as possible without having to jump from plane to plane or boat to boat. As such, it’s immensely popular with young travellers who might be heading out on their first major jaunt after leaving school or university.
However, Europe is an almost uniquely eclectic continent, from a cultural, economic and even geographic perspective. As such, it can be a real pain to pack for. Indeed, even veteran travellers can struggle when it comes to deciding upon the essential accessories that will make a European adventure run smoothly. These ten items are all affordable and could be seen as ‘common sense’ purchases by many. But when it comes to travel, common sense can often fall by the wayside.
1. A Prepaid Financial Services card allows you to buy products and services in a number of currencies without incurring expensive conversion fees. Even though most of Europe will accept euros as a currency, the ability to use these cards both online and offline using your home currency as a baseline means you are much less likely to overspend.
2. In Europe, you’ll find a number of outlet standards and if you’re travelling through a number of countries it can be difficult to keep track. That’s why keeping a universal adapter in your backpack is always recommended.
3. Medication can vary in price from country to country, which is why we’d always suggest buying any pills, patches and sprays you think you might need before you leave home. This includes hangover relief, jet lag pills and motion sickness patches!
4. A truly remarkable modern invention that could save you countless hours of digging through your suitcase, packing cubes allow you to compartmentalise your case or backpack, making it easier to find what you want when you want it.
5. Anyone who has ever done a serious amount of travelling will tell you that good socks and underwear might not seem like a big deal but could be the difference between the holiday of a lifetime and the holiday from hell. Spend a little extra and it will go a long way.
6. Flexible water bottles that can be rolled up when not in use have been really taking off amongst travellers of all persuasions in recent years. There’s also an inconsistency to the quality of the water in Europe, so water bottles with built-in filters are also popular.
7. Considering the importance of our smartphones when it comes to modern travel (they can act as everything from our maps to our boarding passes), it can be devastating to run out of charge at the wrong moment. That’s what keeping a number of portable chargers on your person at all times during your European adventure should be a no-brainer.
8. Data roaming charges can differ wildly depending on the country and if you like to use a lot of mobile data (Uber is particularly handy in countries where you can’t speak a word of the native tongue) you’ll want to use as much data as possible. That’s where a prepaid European simcard comes into play.
9. When you’re potentially carrying around so many valuables, padlocks and cable locks should always be on your pre-vacation shopping list.

Finally, something that is absolutely crucial for any overseas vocation is adequate travel insurance. Shop around for a good deal and if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure they are covered by the insurance before pulling th

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