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The Coconut Traveler's 2022 Impact Report Reveals the Company is the Hawaiian Islands' Leader in Sustainable Travel

The Coconut Traveler's 2022 Impact Report Reveals the Company is the Hawaiian Islands' Leader in Sustainable Travel

 The Coconut Traveler (TCT), a B-Corp Certified, woman-owned company in the Hawaiian Islands that creates bespoke luxury travel itineraries, announces the findings of its first Impact Report. The report showcases the social and environmental impact the company has made on its community and reveals that over the past year, TCT planned 134 trips for 416 guests over four Hawaiian Islands. These travelers spent $1 million on local tours, activities, products, inter-island transportation, and other expenses; participated in the company's Responsible Tourism Fee, raising $51,000+ that went directly to local non-profits; and spent more than 4x the average Hawaii tourism spend. TCT's mission is to create transformational vacations that celebrate the unique culture, history, and natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, while creating a positive benefit for the local community. This impact report demonstrates the company's commitment to its mission, its clientele, its vendors, and its community.

"As we celebrate our five-year milestone, The Coconut Traveler is releasing our first impact report to demonstrate how greatly our mission directly benefits our local community and environment," stated Debbie Misajon, Founder of The Coconut Traveler. "We have found that luxury travel can yield a higher economic impact with a smaller footprint and a willingness to pay it forward."

Founded in 2018, TCT actively seeks mission-aligned organizations to collectively accomplish positive change within Hawaii. TCT incorporates a responsible tourism fee (RTF) within every trip itinerary. The 2022 RTF raised $51,786, and 100% of these funds went to local organizations. Each of the following local volunteer organizations received a donation of $10,357: Hawaii Wildlife Center; Hawai'i Association of Watershed Partnerships; Malama I Na Honu; Conservation Dogs of Hawaii; and Aloha Tree Alliance.

  • Hawaii Wildlife Center – Funds directly supported the medical and rehabilitative care of Hawaiian native birds and bats, providing crucial resources for emergencies and treatment. The RTF covered one year's worth of fish for seabird patients.
  • Hawai'i Association of Watershed Partnerships – Funds supported a state-wide native planting effort in watershed areas. This initiative focuses on planting native species in critical areas to promote the health of native forests, watersheds, and coastal and coral reef areas.
  • Malama I Na Honu – Funds supported the conservation efforts of sea turtles in Kauai, Hawaii and successfully contributed two turtle satellite trackers. These are crucial in gathering valuable data about the behavior and potential hazards faced by sea turtles.
  • Conservation Dogs of Hawaii – Funds provided transportation for two specially trained dogs, which are crucial to Hawaii's conservation efforts as they are trained to detect invasive and endangered plant species.
  • Aloha Tree Alliance – Funds supported this organization's mission to restore and reforest the hiking trails on Oahu, which is vital in slowing down climate change and restoring native ecosystems damaged by human activity.

TCT recognizes the largest tourism risks are related to pollution, interference with wildlife and marine life, destination degradation, and lacking support for local businesses. Through the company's Responsible Tourism Fee, all clientele are encouraged to uplift, preserve, and restore the Hawaiian Islands through philanthropy.

About The Coconut Traveler
The Coconut Traveler is the leading travel company in Hawaii, specializing in bespoke journeys, combining beautiful residences with unique experiences that promote global change. The company's goals are to design exceptional itineraries, engage Hawaii's dynamic local experts, and deliver uncompromised luxury with a positive impact. The Coconut Traveler is the Preferred Partner On-site for numerous travel agencies globally.

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