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The City That Never Sleeps

The City That Never Sleeps

By Saadia Sharif

New York has become one of the world’s top destinations to visit over the years, with its unmistakable landmarks and rich culture making it a desirable location to visit for any keen holidaymaker.

Manhattan is easily the apple of the city’s eye, with its luxurious business lifestyle blurring amongst the masses of visitors itching to see what it can offer. The haunting beauty of the One World Trade Center stretches gracefully into its place in the classic New York skyline, standing just a little taller than the rest to claim the title of New York’s tallest building. It provides a peaceful contrast to the brisk pace of the city, being just a subway ride away from Times Square. It is advisable to get a local to take you around, as navigating the complex system of underground trains can be challenging. No holiday should hold a sense of trepidation when it comes to exploring a new city, rather a sense of adventure and eagerness to see more.

With the city considered to be one that never sleeps, the hum of its life reverberates around the clock. Driving around Manhattan deep into the night is a magical experience, and is highly recommendable to anyone for the sheer feeling of witnessing something ethereal. The heavy traffic seen as a bugbear for regular New Yorkers is a godsend to visitors, allowing plenty of time to peer up at the beautifully vibrant glow of skyscrapers and take in the diverse thrum of people surrounding them.

One of the most recognisable symbols of the city is, of course, the Statue of Liberty. Gifted and dedicated to the US in 1886 by the French, Lady Liberty stands as one of the most significant pieces of the state’s history and a hugely popular attraction for anyone travelling to New York.  The ferry ride to Liberty Island delivers the perfect opportunity to marvel at the shoreline of Manhattan, and a chance to reflect on the incredible buildings that make the city so iconic.

Not only are New York’s sights impressive, but the city’s unique cuisine cannot go unnoticed either. New York’s cheesecake has a reputation for a reason: it is simply exquisite.  Be warned though, it should be eaten in small quantity, as it is so rich that eating more poses the risk of overindulgence. Junior’s Restaurant, located on the corner of Broadway and just a short walk from Times Square delivers the perfect taste of the world-famous New York cheesecake.

Overall it is a city that has something to appeal to everyone, be it shopping in the rich district of Soho, or revelling in the bright lights of Times Square. New York provides backdrop to many pop-culture staples, ranging from being home to the classic figure of Marilyn Monroe to housing the world-renowned concert hall of Madison Square Garden. It is this extraordinary collection of modern and vintage cultures that is guaranteed to silence even the harshest of critics, making it a firm favourite for any traveller.

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