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Ten Reasons to visit Suriname

Ten Reasons to visit Suriname

There are few undiscovered destinations left on this planet but the smallest country in South America is often overlooked by the tourism masses. Here are 10 reasons you should buck the trend and opt for Suriname.
Suriname is firmly off the beaten path and as such would make a unique addition to any South American exploration – particularly from bordering French Guiana, Brazil and Guyana – whilst also providing a much needed respite from the tourist crowds.
Tourism Development
Suriname has garnered a decent tourism infrastructure as well as offering hotel accommodation with established international brands such as Ramada, Marriott, and Best Western. Paramaribo is laden with interesting shopping venues, vibrant nightlife and outstanding restaurants; a far cry from the wildness of the jungle.
Get your fill of vitamin D by relaxing on one of Suriname’s beautiful beaches. The snow-white sands are dotted with wooden huts and rows of large palm trees. You could easily be mistaken for being in the Caribbean!
Welcome to the Jungle
98% of the country is covered by rainforest making jungle exploration an absolute must for any itinerary. Take a dip in Lake Brokopondo, one of the world’s largest reservoirs, discover the indigenous species and overlook the green canopy from Mount Julianatop, the highest peak in the area.
Wildlife & Nature
Where there’s jungle, there’s wildlife. With a third of the country classified as nature reserves, Suriname protects some of the most remote, ancient wilderness on the planet. Visit the Coppename Nature Reserve, which is home to the endangered manatee as well as being a bird-watchers paradise with 400 species of bird.
Observe the traditions of the local tribes and pick up a souvenir at the same time. Residing in the districts of ParamariboWanica and Nickerieand spanning a multiplicity of heritages, there is much to see. The tribe of Paramakan, for example, are known for handcrafting fine products of rare wood.
Melting Pot
Suriname’s rich history has created a mix of cultures like no other. Formerly a Dutch colony, Suriname has tremendous ethnic diversity which has played a role in the development of the country. The population largely consists of Creole, Indonesian, Maroon, Amerindian, Lebanese, and Chinese, ensuring you’ll hear a unique mixture of tongues.
The melting pot of cultures has also impacted the pots and pans of the kitchen. Sending your taste buds on a geographical exploration of their own, the tastes Suriname will transport you to different corners of the planet. From Chinese to Javanese cuisine, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds.
When it comes to Suriname, smaller is safer. With a population of 566,000, crime rates are very low. Suriname is considered to be one of the safest countries in South America, making it an ideal choice when mapping out your route through the continent.
Suriname knows how to throw a good street party. Visit during Surifesta for a festival like no other. Part of Suriname's long New Year's celebrations, Surifesta takes place near the coast of Paramaribo. Bringing together the cultures of the country with music, food and fireworks, the festival is absolute must.

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