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Ten Amazing Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas by The Villa Group

Ten Amazing Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas by The Villa Group

The variety of activities in Cabo San Lucas lets each traveler personalize their vacation to make their dreams of paradise come true. While you could spend a lifetime exploring the tip of the Baja Peninsula, adding in some of these top things to do in Cabo San Lucas will show you the amazing diversity and nature of the land. Once you're here, the amount of activities in Cabo San Lucas can be overwhelming, which is why taking time to sit back and plan out your trip with these select Cabo tours will help you make the most of your vacation.

Get To Know Cabo: One of the most important things to do in Los Cabos is to get to know the city. Being familiar with the city will put you at ease as you enjoy the unique activities in Cabo San Lucas and navigate your way through town. If you have any questions during your stay, the locals and staff at the resort love sharing their knowledge about Cabo with visitors.

Visit The Arch: The Land's End arch is the most iconic point for the city, making an excursion here one of the top things to do in Cabo San Lucas. The jagged rock formation rises fiercely from the water, marking the spot where the land meets the sea. It's strength and age are inspiring, so come relax on the beach and enjoy this view.

Whale Watching: Animals' migratory patterns are one of nature's many wonders, and looking for whales from your resort balcony or a Cabo tours boat is one of the many fun things to do during the early months of the year in Cabo when they travel to the warm waters to mate and give birth.

Explore The Beaches: While some of the most popular Cabo resorts are located along the sandy shores of Medano Beach, exploring nearby beaches is one of the best things to do in Los Cabos. Each beach offers special Cabo San Lucasactivities, like wading in shallow waters, snorkeling through tropical reefs, and relaxing in tranquil seclusion.

Dance The Night Away: In Cabo, the party doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Throughout the city, there's a variety nightlife options to suit every visitor's idea of fun things to do on a night out. Whether you know where you're going or simply head to downtown, you're sure to find plenty of parties and things to do in Los Cabos until the sun comes up.

Explore The Marina: From shopping to dining, the Cabo Marina is the place to be. As yachts from around the world come and go, you can stroll through the luxury of the marina. One of the top things to do in Cabo San Lucas is shopping, and there's no better place than the malls and boutiques surrounding the marina. Some of the city's tastiest and most elegant restaurants are also located here, the perfect ending to a day of shopping and exploring.

Take A Desert Tour: Some of the most thrilling Cabo tours take you out of the city and into the desert to ride camels, send sand flying on an ATV, and hike through canyons. These desert tours show you the other side of Cabo, filled with its own wonders and treasures.

Splash In The Water: One of the many fun things to do for the whole family in Cabo is to visit the water parks. Racing your kids down water slides or relaxing in the shade with your spouse are some of the best Cabo San Lucas activities at the parks.

Hunt For Treasure: While these treasures aren't buried, shopping for souvenirs is one of the necessary Cabo San Lucasactivities so that you'll always have a tangible reminder of your epic vacation.

Treat Yourself at an Award-Winning Spa: After all is said and done, a vacation should be just as much about relaxing as it is about having fun. In Cabo San Lucas, some of the best spas offer up a divine selection of soothing massages, full body treatments, and rejuvenating facials.  Book your spa treatment at The Desert Spa, the spa #1 in Cabo San Lucas by TripAdvisor and revel in how blissful vacation can be.

Make your Cabo trip the vacation of your dreams by adding in whichever of these activities in Cabo San Lucas excite your wanderlust and imagination.

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