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Sydney, Australia from sky high

Sydney, Australia from sky high

Sydney is a city with multiple personalities – from the iconic Opera House, which scratches the Sydney skyline, to Bondi Beach, where the ocean collides with the land, it combines metropolitan chic with beachy cool. Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge provides tourists with unrivalled views in seeing the majesty of both sides of city at once, from a 440-foot height.
The climb up this magnificent Australian landmark has is best suited to those with a fair-to-moderate fitness level, the standard 3.5 hour climb is not to be scoffed at, and can be quite heavy going, especially in the often hot Sydney climate. For those who may be a little concerned about the heights, their own strength or just how time consuming the whole climb is, Climb Sydney offer a Sampler Climb – a 'mini' version of the full climb, which takes you right to the heart of the structure and gives tourists the same exquisite views. No matter which climb you choose to embark on, Climb Sydney fully equips each climber with specially-designed BridgeSuit to protect their clothing, headsets and clip all involved into a safety wire.
Tours are intimate; with a maximum group size of between 12-14 people to ensure a more personalised experience. Each tour is also headed up by a highly experienced guide and climber, who will inform those on the climb about Sydney's points of interest. Armed with that infamous Aussie sense of humour and cheekiness, each guide will entertain climbers with commentary, anecdotes and provide encouragement along the way.
Although heavy-going at times, your energies spent climbing up and down the Harbour Bridge will not be entirely fruitless. As well as being rewarded for your efforts with the astounding views of Sydney, climbers will also receive a commemorative certificate, group photo and bridge climb cap. But even without the souvenirs at the end, it is unlikely you will ever forget what Sydney looks like, sky-high.

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