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Planning the Ultimate Luxury Vacation to Antigua

Planning the Ultimate Luxury Vacation to Antigua

Best known for its incredible coral reefs and welcoming, sandy beaches, Antigua is one of the two islands that make up the Caribbean nation known as Antigua and Barbuda. Planning a luxury vacation there? Here are a few tips to ensure that it is everything that you’d hoped it would be and more!

When to go?

The great news is that you can’t really go wrong when planning an Antigua vacation as the weather is pretty consistent all year round – usually sitting close to 30 degrees even during the ‘colder’ months. Having said that, it can get exceptionally hot in July and August, so if you are not used to high temperatures, it is best to steer clear at this time.

September is also not a good month to visit as it is peak hurricane season (which generally runs from June to October). Those who have ‘been there and done that’ claim that the ideal time to visit Antigua is mid-December to mid-April when the weather is slightly cooler and the chance of rain is limited.

Where to stay?

As with any vacation destination, Antigua offers a host of different accommodation options from which to choose. There are plenty of luxury hotels, villas, and guesthouses available everywhere you turn. However, if you are going to maximize your experience and get the best value for your money, it is recommended that you opt to stay at an all inclusive resort in Antigua. In doing so, you will pay one lump sum for essentially every aspect of your getaway, from your accommodation and your food to your drinks and many other services. You will also usually have the option to customize your all inclusive package, with a choice to add the extras that you want at a discounted price, such as luxurious spa treatments, local tours, VIP event tickets and experiences, etc.

What to do?

Antigua is a popular go-to for those in search of a traditional beach holiday – and no wonder, since there are around 365 beaches to visit! However, lazing around on the beach topping up your tan certainly isn’t the only reason why you’d want to visit Antigua, and it definitely isn’t the only activity with which to busy yourself.

There are also plenty of sights to see, including the cultural heritage site that is Nelson’s Dockyard, and Fort James, which is an 18th-century fort located at the entrance to the harbor of St. John's.

You will also want to set aside some time to engage in various water activities that the island is famous for. Snorkeling is an absolute must as you are guaranteed the most stunning views below the surface of the ocean.
However, if you’re not keen to get wet, there are also countless boat tours to savor that will afford you the opportunity to take in the most beautiful aspects of the region all at once.

Ultimately, Antigua is one of the leading vacation destinations for those looking for a good dose of both relaxation and adventure. Book your tickets today!

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