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Must try luxury tapas dishes with a spicy twist

Must try luxury tapas dishes with a spicy twist

 Luxury tapas is a real crowd pleaser, easy to cook and guaranteed to delight the most discerning gourmands. Beautifully served with spicy margaritas, sangria or an ice-cold beer, a few hot tapas dishes are a sociable and fun way to dine with family and friends. 

Create your own luxury tapas feast with our mouthwatering recipes. From Padron peppers and calamari to gambas al pil pil and patatas bravas, your dinner party table is bound to get your guests wanting more. Discover the top 10 luxury tapas dishes with a spicy twist. 
Top 10 hot tapas dishes 
1. Padron peppers and chorizo skewers 

These sticky grilled padrón peppers with chorizo and honey drizzle make the perfect luxury tapas dish or finger food to serve with drinks over the winter months. Fry or grill the pepper and chorizo skewers on both sides until lightly charred before drizzling the honey, salt and smoked paprika on top. Simple, unique, yet delicious for all pepper lovers.
2. Ham and manchego croquetas
If you are a fan of mozzarella sticks, these traditional Spanish cheese croquetas are set to become a new favourite hot tapas dish. Thick, creamy béchamel sauce, loaded with sharp manchego cheese and fried to crispy perfection. On the side, make sure to add a tasty garlic aioli dipping sauce, or if you are seeking an extra kick, drizzle some chilli sauce over the top of your croquetas. 
3. Patatas bravas 
Of course, no luxury tapas feast would be complete without a bowl of these hot, crunchy potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce. Patatas bravas are potatoes that are simply fried with garlic, rosemary, paprika, fennel seeds and a good pinch of salt. That said, this hot tapas dish is even more exciting served in a spicy tomato 'bravas' sauce. Translated as 'fierce potatoes’, pour your chilli sauce over your potatoes before serving and toss them together gently. 
4. Empanadas
Empanadas are everyone's favourite luxury tapas dish across Spain and in many other Latin-speaking countries. An empanada is a doughy and flaky pie generously stuffed with savoury fillings. Traditionally, these flavourful fixings comprise of onions, bell peppers, and minced meat, but there are many other variations for empanada filling. Make sure to try a spicy beef empanada, an Argentinian hot tapas dish packed with ground beef, jalape┼łos, cumin, paprika, coriander, and a generous serving of hot chilli sauce. 
5. Smokey albondigas
Make sure to try these smokey albondigas meatballs for a crowd-pleasing luxury tapas dish. Using beef, pork mince, a handful of garlic, parsley, egg, smoked paprika, and lots of seasoning, shallow fry and brown the meatballs in batches. Pour in the wine, tomatoes, smoked paprika and extra chilli sauce if you are looking for a fiery kick. Finish the hot tapas dish with thick cuts of bread to soak up the delicious spicy sauce. 
6. Garlic prawns 
There is nothing quite like the audible sizzle and bubbling of the delicious gambas al pil pil as they go straight from the stove to the table in the same pan it cooks in. Make sure to pour plenty of olive oil into your pan, finished off with a handful of garlic, red chillis, parsley and a drizzle of lemon. Once you are finished, sop up the rest of the flavoursome chilli oil onto some nice crusty bread. Prawns in mouth-watering spicy garlic olive oil make for a delicious Spanish-inspired one-pot dinner for two or a great sharing plate to enjoy as part of a bigger luxury tapas feast. 
7. Pan con Tomate


Perhaps one of the easiest luxury tapas dishes is the Pan con Tomate, a Spanish tomato bread that is a great starting dish. This popular hot tapas dish is made with simple ingredients, including fresh tomatoes, hearty bread, garlic, and plenty of chilli oil to give it the extra kick it needs. While this recipe may look simple, it is a prime example of transforming a few essential fresh ingredients into something far better than expected.
8. Fried calamari 

Fried calamari is one of the most loved luxury tapas dishes. Serve homemade calamari with an assortment of other hot tapas dishes or as a simple standalone appetiser. Mix with other fried foods like ham croquetas and patatas bravas, or pair with more spicy dishes such as smoky albondigas for a beautiful blend of flavours. Plate your fried calamari with some simple, fresh lemon wedges and a sprinkle of sea salt, and if you want a dipping sauce, try some garlicky aioli, or better yet, a serving of fiery chilli sauce. 
9. Cider glazed chorizo 
Why not try this chorizo glazed hot tapas with apple cider sauce spiked with a few herbs and spices? These bite-size servings of hot tapas are the ultimate luxury tapas dinner party dish. Brown off the chopped onion and sprinkle with smoked paprika. Turn up the heat and deglaze with apple cider, beef stock and chorizo. Pour in the vinegar and any more chilli sauce you wish to add, stir well and serve hot, topped with chopped parsley. 
10. Mojo picante 
Mojo picante is a Spanish red pepper sauce and the perfect dipping sauce to pair with a variety of luxury tapas dishes. This is a lovely tasting sauce popular in the Canary Islands, and pairs exceptionally well with seafood, chicken, and pork. Comprised of large red bell peppers, garlic, cumin, paprika and salt, blend together until it runs smooth. Of course, for those seeking a hot tapas kick, add your choice of chilli sauce and drizzle over prawns, chicken skewers and even fries.
It is without question that these top 10 luxury tapas are bound to get your guests asking for more. 
As the perfect accompaniment to any one of these hot tapas dishes, make sure you have selection of tasty hot sauces to hand, such as a luxury hot sauce gift set, a perfect chilli sauce set for those who love to marinate their food, those who enjoy a good stir-in sauce, or those partial to a dipping sauce. 

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