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Luxury Destinations for Digital Nomads

Luxury Destinations for Digital Nomads

As flexibility within the day to day working schedule becomes more common with widespread adjustments to remote work and the possibility for a shorter work week too, individuals looking to explore a digital nomad lifestyle have been granted many of the tools necessary to do so whilst those who haven’t yet explored options can click here for guides and resources to help make the change – but there are some destinations that stand out as more luxury travel destinations for those who don’t mind paying a premium for a very different experience on the road – but which destinations stand out as luxury options?

Bali, Indonesia – The tropical province of Indonesia has long been a go-to location for digital nomads with all of the infrastructure there to support in welcoming a large number of individuals over the past decade, and the picturesque surroundings have certainly made it more popular for social influencers alike too. Whilst it was once a more affordable destination, over the years it has been transformed with luxury villas and luxury workspaces too and the prices have increased from a previous cheaper offering to something higher end – despite this it is still one of the best locations to visit for remote workers. 

Dubai ­– It’ll come as no surprise to many that Dubai makes this list as a premium country to visit and to work at for digital nomads, and whilst there are more budget friendly options there’s making no mistake that living here does come at a premium. With strict rules around earnings to stay on a digital nomad visa and the cost of application alone, it’s already ranking higher on cost than other locations, and with accommodation coming at a premium too visitors need to be prepared to pay a bit more. With that additional cost, however, comes great and growing infrastructure and a bustling hub for working, entertainment, and business.

Countries in the Caribbean – Over the past two years, there have been growing options emerging in the Caribbean islands with Barbados, Bermuda, and The Bahamas launching their own digital nomad visas at a relatively low cost to boot. Unfortunately, living on the choice holiday islands can get quite expensive, but that does come with a similar strong infrastructure and plenty of entertainment options whilst living there too – not to mention what isn’t to enjoy about living and working on a sunny warm beach.

As remote working visas become more common, so will the more desirable locations with more and more subscribing to welcoming newcomers, and the list of luxury destinations will only increase at the same rate too.

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