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Living the Dream of Diaporos Island

Living the Dream of Diaporos Island

Ever wondered what it feels like to escape to a truly private slice of paradise, stroll up to your own private hideaway, step on the white-sand beaches or indulge in snorkeling in turquoise waters for a few days of ultimate relaxation?
Whether you call Diaporos your own private island for a family reunion, a milestone event celebration or even a much needed break to get away from the routine with friends, everything you could possibly need to craft lifelong memories is right here on this exclusive, beyond expectations, private island, offering the closest possible thing to heaven on earth!
Private Island in awe-inspiring Natural Settings
Lying very close to the shore, right across Vourvourou village in Sithonia peninsula, this magnificent island - which belongs to a group of uninhabited islands - is arguably one of the most luxurious private islands in Greece.
All of life’s great pleasures are right at your fingertips. One of the last unspoiled areas of Halkidiki, surrounded by a natural forest with astonishingly pure beauty, trees touching the sea, pristine blue shallow waters with a fascinating underwater world to indulge in snorkeling, white sand, small wind-protected bays with beautiful rounded rocks welcome guests to revel in this dreamy environment and unwind completely.
Add in a hefty dose of five-star luxury, and it’s hard to believe such a divine setting could possibly exist.
An Exclusive Private Retreat
Whomever you travel to Diaporos Island with, prepare yourself to be awestruck by the exclusivity of a luxury private retreat.
Surrounded by the purity of the sea and the sky, three strikingly elegant villas tucked away here and there on the island absolutely redefine the meaning of luxury resort.
Here the blissful moments on the island are paired with spacious luxury bedrooms, magnificent living areas, stunning swimming pools and bespoke personalized, utterly discreet services. From your personal butler to ensure that your every need is anticipated and attended to, your private chef to win up some culinary delights for you in the comfort of your villa, a complementary boat at your disposal along your stay to visit the island’s hidden coves, to a world of additional services ... you will definitely find no reason to leave!
Diaporos Island - A Thrilling Experience
You don’t have to own a Greek island; our stylish villas on Diaporos Island is all you need for another summer of partying in a beachfront villa and being wooed in the Greek summer.



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