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Kabi - Where Dreams Become Travels

Kabi - Where Dreams Become Travels

Kabi are an exclusive agency which specialise in providing world-class adventure tours. Explore the best of the Basque country and the Pyrenees, and discover spectacular lands that cannot be found in the guidebooks. The company has quickly forged a first-rate reputation for uniquely crafted journeys which explore history and culture, as well as natural beauties. From untouched white cliffs, enchanted woodland and sensational coastlines, the scenery caters for all. The key to Kabi’s success is their outstanding team and strong philosophy. The group are solely focused on organising premium, unrivalled tours for a range of levels and have a passion to teach and inspire. With Kabi, visitors can dream, travel, and enjoy.      
The Pyrenees
Older than the Alps, the Pyrenees are famed for their stunningly diverse landscape but, for skiing, it is their sheer elevated passes that attract adventures from across the globe. With Kabi, traverse the incredible snow covered mountains and experience blissful seclusion on the untouched powder. The Pyrenees offer the best conditions in Europe for Heli-Ski, Off-Piste and Ski-Touring, and through Kabi, it does not matter whether you are a novice or an expert, you can still experience pure exhilaration. Choose from 15 suggested tour options, ranging from one to six days, or be inspired to design your own programme. In these breathtaking and uncrowded heights, there is nothing but clear blue skies and crisp air. This makes for an impeccably luxurious skiing affair.
Stylishly descend onto the slopes after flying over the incredible views in a private helicopter on either the Heliprivate Adventure or Helitouring Adventure. For an once-in-a-lifetime trip, take on the challenge of conquering the Pyrenees highest peaks across five day on the Experience ‘Los 3000’ or, explore the diverse terrain from all-encompassing blankets of snow to frozen lakes and sky-scraping peaks, on the five day Experience ‘Los Enchantats’.    
Basque Country
Renowned for its rich culture and distinctive identity, the Basque region has unparalleled natural splendour and fabulous wildlife. This flawless and unspoilt land has both challenging and accessible terrain, and is as fascinating as its people. It is therefore ideal for culture lovers and fitness fanatics alike. From one to eight days, Kabi’s expert guides will take you on an extraordinary hiking journey.
The Basque country is foremost celebrated as a coastal paradise by virtue of its striking and otherworldly rock formations and soaring cliffs. The tranquil sound of ocean waves is the perfect soundtrack to relaxed rambling, and savouring exquisite local cuisine and wine in charming villages along the way. For unlimited access, join the five day Discover the Basque Coast tour, or explore the Best of the Basque Coast in one day.
The Basque land also has a strong folklore tradition, and has an enchanting forested countryside to match these magical tales. Basque’s bewitching woodlands are coated in lush moss, dominated by unearthly, twisted trees and intersected by sparkling streams and secret caves. To explore both mystic culture and alluring scenery, hike along the Ancient Battles to Enchanted Forests route, or take to the Basque Summits.      
For nature lovers, hike the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Urdaibai Natural Park, on the Marshes and Migratory Birds tour. Starting at the stunning Laida Beach, leisurely walk around the reserve and spot brilliant wildlife, before taking a respite at an authentic fishing villages and heading out on a local boat for a scenic tour.
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