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From Dahlias to Tulips to Peonies – 5 Great Flowers For Bridal Bouquets

From Dahlias to Tulips to Peonies – 5 Great Flowers For Bridal Bouquets

A wedding is never complete without flowers. From decoration to setting up a theme and making the event exceptionally colorful, various kinds of blooms play different roles in weddings. Needless to say, brides have been carrying flower bouquets for as long as anyone can remember. While symbolizing a new beginning, bridal blooms are thought to help ward off bad luck, welcome happiness, and bring hopes of fertility!

But again, there are many different types of flowers to pick from when choosing a wedding bouquet. Putting things such as the overall wedding theme, the season, and the flower meanings into consideration, choosing the right blooms can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, here’s a list of five great flowers for bridal bouquets that you could draw inspiration from.

1. Dahlias

When bridal bouquets come to mind, most people will immediately think of lilacs. But, thanks to their gorgeous red and white floral patterns, dahlias are a great choice for anyone looking for a bridal bouquet that is out of the ordinary and unique. Plus, for those who are seeking unusual or experimental blooms for their wedding bouquet, this flower certainly stands out.

2. Tulips

A classic for bridal bouquets, tulips are a great choice for anyone seeking a sweet and romantic floral arrangement. These blooms are packed with color, making them a great alternative to roses. Perhaps the best part is that you can order them anytime using a reliable tulip delivery service online and have them arrive while still fresh to the recipient.

Most importantly, tulips hold peculiar significance for some brides. They represent the hope of a new start – a new life – which is definitely something to be appreciated by the bride and the groom. Plus, the flowers also symbolize a wish for wealth, happiness, and good health.

3. Roses

Besides the fact that the heart is the most important part of a bouquet, roses make for a lovely addition to any wedding. People often say that white roses symbolize love, and that couldn’t be any truer. They also represent compassion and perhaps life itself, but one thing is certain. It’s the deep, rich, red color of the rose that makes for a gorgeous bridal bouquet!

4. Peonies

Gorgeous and delicate, peonies have for long been a favorite among brides. Many say that peonies symbolize beauty, love, and nature, and are representative of the beginning of a new life. Although this flower is a staple on many bridal bouquets, there are so many different types of peonies to choose from. The lush shape of the flowers and their soft, romantic petals can help make sure your wedding bouquet truly stands out!

5. Orchids

Last but not least, orchids, in general, are amazing plants. The tiny flowers often come in multi-petals that range in color from deep red to white, with stunning patterns, and different sizes. For bridal bouquets, orchids are particularly popular for their distinct, strong petals, with lush colors and brilliant patterns.

Orchids can be combined with roses to make a stunning bouquet that will make your wedding unique and leave you and your guests wowed!

Other notable mentions 

Of course, this list is not by any means exhaustive of wonderful blooms you can choose to include in a bridal flower bouquet. Other equally amazing flowers include:

  • Lilacs

  • Hydrangeas

  • Ranunculus

  • Lily of the valley

  • Gardenias

  • Anemones

  • Baby's Breaths

  • Carnations

Whenever there’s an upcoming wedding to plan, flowers often top the checklist of things to think about. Whether you are interested in unique blooms for your own wedding or you're looking for pretty inexpensive flowers, these floral bouquets can be the perfect gift for a bridal party. The best part is that wedding flower bouquets can always be gifted to someone else once the wedding is done, or used for decorative purposes around the home.  

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