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Four Amazing Experiences to Look Forward To In Mykonos

Four Amazing Experiences to Look Forward To In Mykonos

Mykonos is among the most visited of the Greek islands and is known to attract celebrities and A-lister from around the globe. But what exactly is it about Mykonos that makes it such a desirable destination? If you are planning a first-time visit to the island, here are four amazing experiences that guests to Mykonos can anticipate.
World Class Accommodation
Your experience of a vacation destination usually starts out with your choice of accommodation, and this Greek island invites you to come and live in the lap of luxury. Mykonos luxury hotels like Adorno Suites, Santa Marina, or Bill & Coo Suites offer the best in hospitality, with beautifully designed seafront spaces, tastefully furnished rooms and super attentive room service. Many of the hotels in Mykonos are accustomed to housing high-level guests and celebrities, and are equipped with elegant facilities like private jacuzzis and infinity swimming pools, while offering concierge services like in-room massage sessions for relaxation, as well as private adventures and tours for those who wish to experience the best of Mykonos.
Delicious Dining Experiences
Having found a place to stay, you will want to taste of the gastronomic magnificence that the restaurants of Mykonos have to offer. At Ornos Beach, the Pasaji is known for excellent music and quick service, and serves excellent sushi as well as dishes of tuna and salmon with avocado, cucumber and pineapples. The Remezzo provides a fine dining experience in the Old Port of Mykonos Town, and serves splendid dishes like octopus carpaccio served with capers, peppers, and wild oregano, as well as quinoa served along with grilled shrimp on a bed of summer fruits and baby leaf greens drizzled with passion fruit vinaigrette.
VIP Clubs and Parties
With a belly full of excellent food, you may want to return to your hotel room for a nap, or you may just find that you are ready to go on out and have a great time in Mykonos’ party scene. The island is famed for its celebrity filled parties and VIP treatment, Dance under the fibre optic display of the northern night-sky at the Astra Bar, or right inside the large pool at Cavo Paradiso. The DJs at most of the clubs are world class, and depending on where you go, you might find yourself dancing to music played by stars like Benny Bennassi, Armin van Buuren or even Steve Aoki.
Luxury Spa Treatments

A vacation on an exotic island cannot be deemed complete without a body treatment experience. Mykonos offers its guests some of the most luxurious and beautifully built spas that create an ambiance of lavish repose while treating visitors to the best in body treatments, wellness therapy and more. Depending on your desires, spas in Mykonos offer a range of services like hatha yoga, deep tissue massages, anti-aging facials, and woman-only grooming services.
Mykonos is an excellent holiday destination and among the most beloved islands in the Aegean Sea. The next time you are considering a visit to Greece, be sure to plan a visit to Mykonos and enjoy the best in accommodation, food, and celebrity-filled parties.

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