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Exploring the Japanese Culture

Exploring the Japanese Culture

Japan is a superb land that is like no other.  Here, unique civilisations blossom and the contrasts of tradition and modern lifestyle come together in a tasteful environment.  The Japanese spirit is strong, warm and incredibly welcoming. 

Whilst in Japan, visit the sensational and iconic Mount Fuji.  Here you will discover fantastic views and see unique, peaceful and gorgeous views that will be treasured in your mind forever.  Then catch the famous Shinkansen Bullet train to the buzzing city of Tokyo.  The electric atmosphere in Tokyo is astonishing and the city is always at the forefront of new technology, so you won’t miss a thing. 
Release your inner artist with a fascinating, challenging and fun crafting course at WAK Japan’s traditional house.  A friendly fluent English speaking tutor will guide you through making the crafts.  You will learn how to make amazing crafts out of simple fabrics and papers.  Who knew you could make a box out of a few pieces of paper?  Or you can transform simple fabrics into a child’s toy?
Japanese Dance
Learn how to move your body to the unique and fun Japanese style of dance.  You will have an attendant who speaks English who will stay with you. They will escort you from your accommodation to your personal instructor’s house and assist the instructor throughout.  At the house the instructor will help you dress into traditional Japanese clothing, a kimono, and teach you dances at a pace and style that suits you.  At the end of your session, your attendant will take you back to your accommodation.  This is a great opportunity to get to know a part of the amazing Japanese culture. 
Wak Japan
Japan is unique enough to give you a regular “Wow!” feeling without overdoing it.  Travelling around Japan is highly comfortable and their standard of education is one of the best in the world.  Even with the language barrier thrown in, there’s no doubt you will feel at home in Japanese culture.  
Feel the essence of Japan in Kyoto city.  Situated amidst the millennial history of Kyoto, WAK JAPAN proudly presents its authentic Kyoto programs including traditional Japanese culture experiences for foreign visitors.  Their wide variety of programs include typical Japanese activities such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy, to the not-so-common home-cooking, paper craft, Koto or Shakuhachi playing, Sake-tasting, Taiko(drum) beating, and  martial arts.
By cultivating and using local networks within Kyoto, WAK JAPAN take pride in offering special programs giving travellers an exclusive visit to a temple normally closed to the public or visiting local houses and looking at daily Japanese life and so on.
The teachers or instructors are all professional and speak fluent English. 

WAK JAPAN look forward to seeing you and offering their services during your stay in Kyoto. These are just a couple of the many courses available at WAK house.  Courses start from 5500 Yen. 

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