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Eight Reasons Why You Should Join a Tour with Locals in Rome

Eight Reasons Why You Should Join a Tour with Locals in Rome

Rome attracts millions of tourists who visit for the history, culture and art scene. Most of the visitors spend their time around the same attractions missing out on some of the best local experiences. If you do want to see another side of the historical city, several doors open when you go on one of the Withlocals' tours in Rome. Below you’ll find eight compelling reasons to convince you to sign up to a tour operated by locals in Rome.



1. You Can Go to the Local Hangouts (Without the Tourists)

Local trips will take you to the places where the locals like to hang out. This includes the best bars and cafés. The ones where you won’t be sharing with dozens of other tourists. Apart from giving you a different perspective of the ancient city, you’ll also get to meet and rub shoulders with the people who live there.

2. You Have the Chance to See Rome’s Hidden Art

Rome has an international reputation for world-class art. Most tourists go to the museums and the famous cathedrals. But did you know that the capital has a thriving art scene away from the selfie-taking tourists and cameras? You can see it all by joining an art tour in Rome

3. You’ll Learn about Rome from a Local’s Perspective

History books tell about Rome’s rich past which you can see in the ruins that still stand around the city. But the Rome of today is very different to what it was like two-thousand years ago. Times have changed. A local tour will give you a different point of view to what you read in the books. And you’ll come away with an understanding of what it means to be a modern-day Roman in the 21st-century.

4. You Won’t Fall Victim to the Popular Scams

Sadly Rome has a reputation for scams aimed at getting as many Euros from the tourists’ pocket as possible. This ranges from being overcharged in the popular restaurants to touts selling overpriced tours. If you’re exploring the historical capital with a local, all of this will be pushed to the back of your mind. Your guide will explain the most common scams and what you need to do to so that you don’t become a victim.

5. Local Tours Give You Special Access

Millions of tourists travel to Rome each year. Because of this, the city has become divided. Tourists and locals appear to live in different worlds inside the same city. The residents rarely visit the places where the tourists are. And likewise, the tourists aren’t always welcome in the spots where the Romans hangout. But all this changes when you’re part of a local tour. Your guide will give you special privileges, and you’ll have the chance to see the places the locals like the best.

6. You’ll Know the Best Local Cafés

Who doesn’t like sitting in a café sipping on high-quality Italian coffee? Most of the best cafés and coffee shops in Rome are overpriced and cater to tourists. Some of the hidden ones have excellent coffee and a different vibe. But without the insider knowledge of a local, you’ll never know where they are.

7. Local Guides Will Give You Invaluable Insider Info

Insider information ranges from advising you on the best places for live music to little-known churches displaying precious Renaissance art. Granted, you can find some of this out by searching on your phone. But do you really have the time and patience? And even then, the really valuable local information is often buried under the ‘must-do’ and ‘best experiences’.

8. You’ll Skip the Crowds

Nothing is worse as a traveller than having to wait at an attraction. Sadly, this is the norm in Rome. You’ll find hundreds of tourists at almost every single spot. Not only does it mean you won’t get to appreciate what you’re seeing, but you’ll be jostling for space with selfie-taking tourists. Local guides know this. And they also know when the low times are at each of the attractions. This means you’ll get to see Rome, and go to the sights when the fewest tourists are there.

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Guide

If you want to get more out of your trip to Rome, get a local guide. You’ll get lots of insider info, see the hidden attractions and come away with a completely different perspective.



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