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Discover the Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Discover the Chocolate Hills of Bohol

The only disappointing thing about the Chocolate Hills is the lack of chocolate. You will, however, discover one of the most bewildering natural landscapes in the world – a phenomenon so perplexing that not even scientists can explain their existence.
Situated on the island of Bohol, the hills consist of perfectly symmetrical domes scattered across an expanse of 50sqkm (31mi), combining to form a bizarre and incomprehensible sight. Varying from 96 to 164ft (30-50m), the hills gained its collective name from their appearance during the dry season. The dry grass turns a chocolate shade of brown, converting the hilly landscape into the biggest chocolate box you’ve ever seen.
Several legends have erupted to explain this compact collection of hills. The most romantic tells of a giant who, when his mortal lover died, cried such sad tears that they dried and formed the chocolate hills. A more plausible theory is that they are weathered formations of marine limestone on top of an impenetrable base of clay. We prefer to believe in the former, but take that as you may.
As it is a protected site visitors are not permitted to walk on the hills. Instead, guests will gaze in awe from the main Viewing Deck on top of the Chocolate Hill Complex, which provides breathtaking panoramic views of the hills whilst also doubling as the perfect spot to grab those all-important Instagram snaps.
Bohol can be reached from popular tourist destinations such as Manila (75 minutes by plane) and Cebu (20 minutes by plane or two hours by fast ferry). There are plenty of tour companies such as Bohol Package Tours and Bohol Life Tours for those who prefer the comfort of a guide. Alternatively, arrange your own transport and combine your visit to the Chocolate Hills with some of the island’s other highlights such as the Sagbayan Peak vantage point and the Tarsier Sanctuary – a preserve for the endemic animals of Bohol

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