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Best Things To Do In Dubai

Best Things To Do In Dubai

It's no news again to say Dubai is the center of tourism, The official capital of wealth and Luxury. Dubai has developed massively because of its fascinating tourist center and attractions. It was created in 1971 after independence from Great Britain and it is one of the richest of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates.
There are numerous eye-catching places in Dubai you would love to visit during your next visit, either you are going for a vacation or a business meeting, I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss out on those beautiful attractions.
Now, let's get it straight, grab a chilled glass of water and relax as I reveal some of Dubai Attractions and the best things to do in Dubai.

Visit the Burj Khalifa

Yes, Burj Khalifa is one of the captivating attractions in Dubai. It is an iconic tower   The tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters, it has a 200 plus story building With 100 livable levels. Burj Khalifa is known for its amazing height and its unique structure. It is the tallest and tallest free-standing building in the world. Sounds interesting right?
The construction of Burj Khalifa began in January 2004 and was officially inaugurated in January 2010, it took six years to build the tower, no wonder it's a masterpiece of great design and architecture. One of the incredible things about Burj Khalifa is its elevator. Did you know ?. Burj Khalifa elevators move 10 meters per second, making them one of the fastest elevators in the world. It will only take you one minute to reach the 124th floor using the elevator. Amazing right?
Moreover, one of the things to make your visit to Burj Khalifa memorable is taking lovely pictures in the Downtown area. You can hire a Photographer in Dubai and get you and your family a nice shot around the scenic structure of Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is another fascinating attraction worth going to!!. It is the largest natural flower garden in the world. It is situated in the district of Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was inaugurated in 2013 on valentine.  It comprises 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. It has a very relaxing and sweet scent atmosphere and millions of flowers are crafted into sculptures and designs, one of the eye-catching attractions In Garden is the Airplane covered in flowers
Dubai Miracle Garden has been known for years due to its unique and extravagant display of arts, its opening hours are from 9 am-9 pm on weekdays and 9 am-11 pm on weekends. If you are visiting on a sunny day, do well to take an umbrella along, Don't rush, sit down, relax, enjoy and take beautiful snaps around the flowers.

Dubai Mall

One of the great places to visit is the Dubai Mall, which is sited right to the Burj Khalifa. It is the largest mall in the world, you can miss your way or get lost in the mall. It hosts a lot of attractions like the world standard Cinema, an ice rink, a virtual reality park, and an amusement park.
Over a 50 million people visit the mall annually. The Dubai Mall houses many shops,  restaurants, cafes, and more. The Dubai Mall has reservations for book lovers, if you are a lover of books and novels, there is a big bookstore called Kinokuniya, so when visiting the mall, you can branch at the store to grab your favorite books at the store.

Rent A Luxury Car In Dubai

First and foremost, renting a luxury car is one of the things to do to make your visit to Dubai an unforgettable one. Renting a luxury car makes it easy for you to go on a ride around the city and visit those beautiful places you have been waiting to go.
In addition, the good news is that Renting a luxury car in Dubai is very cheap and affordable compared to renting a car in Europe or the US. You can rent any luxury car of your choice, have a relaxing ride around the city of Dubai. Trust me, you will cherish those memories forever.

Burj Al Arab 

Burj Al Arab is an extravagant hotel in Dubai built on an artificial island, you can access it through a bridge road of 540m long. It is the biggest all-suite hotel in the world It  has the most expensive cocktail at 27,321 AED. The interiors are designed with 24-carat gold. Wow, cool right? Did you know in Burj Al Arab there are 17 pillows available on their pillow menu for you to choose from for the perfect nights sleep. 

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in Zabel park, Dubai. It is the biggest frame in the world, it celebrates Dubai history from the beginning to the current prestige of Dubai. It's a place where you can have a good view of the old and new Dubai.  if you look North, you see the old Dubai, looking South you see the new and beautiful Dubai.

Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure waterpark is one of the captivating attractions in Dubai and it is the best water park in Dubai. Visiting the waterpark and sliding Into the water makes you feel different with the most thrilling, record-breaking water rides.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you didn't visit the Aquarium during your visit to Dubai, your visit is not completed yet!. Dubai Aquarium is one of the fascinating attractions in Dubai you wouldn't want to miss. It is located in Dubai Mall. The Aquarium holds 10 million liters of water and houses thousands of aquatic animals comprising over 400 species sharks, crabs, penguins, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish and more.

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