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Best Rides At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Best Rides At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom theme park at Disney in Florida is an amazing place to visit, which will leave you spellbound at the variety and creativity of the attractions there. Before you go however, it is important that you know what rides you wish to go on, and try as best as you can to map out your route. Fast Passes can help you to skip queues, but even then you will need to know where you wish to use that Fast Pass before you arrive.
To help you out, here are some of our favorite attractions at the animal kingdom.
Would you love to walk with a giant animatronic dinosaur? Get scared by a giant T-rex and roam through a replica of Earth’s ancient lands? If so then this is most definitely the first ride which should be on your list. The ride is perfectly planned out, it introduces to the world of dinosaurs before sending you hurtling through it, with near-misses and scary moments throughout. This may not be the best ride for small children however, as it can be quite scary.
Avatar: Flight of Passage
There is renewed interest in the movie Avatar since the trailer was released for the upcoming sequel, and the ride at Disney is bay far the most popular in the Animal Kingdom park. The ride is a 3-D experience which sends you flying through the Na’vi kingdom, soaring above the tree line, dodging predators and exploring new lands. This is a fully immersive experience which is most certainly worth spending one of your Fast Passes on.
Expedition Everest
In the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom you will find the Expedition Everest rollercoaster, an exciting and adrenalin-fueled adventure which you cannot miss out on. You will begin by gently rolling down the mountain, in search of the elusive yeti. Shortly after commencing your journey however the tracks become broken, you fly backwards and disaster looms as you continue your search for the animal. To those who don’t have a strong stomach, you may have to skip this one because spinning backwards in the dark could just be too much.
Kilimanjaro Safari
There are a couple of safari adventures which you could take on in the park, but this one is probably our personal fave. The experience sees you board a safari truck just as they do on the African planes, before you set out to try and spot hippos, elephants, zebras and even a couple of giraffes. What we love about this particular experience is that it is both eye-opening and educational, with a real focus on the importance of conservation. You’ll find a pretty long wait for this one, even if you do use a Fast Pass, but we think that given how great the experience is, that wait is going to be well worth it.
Which are you favorite attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

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