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Best Golf Courses in the USA

Best Golf Courses in the USA

It is no secret that Americans are deeply passionate about sports, the country boasting enormous sporting arenas, legendary teams and a penchant for panache with some of the world’s biggest sporting spectacles.  What is more surprising however, is the country’s deep seated love for golf and the respectful traditional values that have remained consistent even when other sports have been converted to sensational extravaganzas.  Perhaps it is not so surprising however, when one considers the number of legendary golf figures who have hailed from the US, with names including Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith, Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson, the country’s competitors often making up a large portion of the ranked golfing elite.  A roster so legendary requires equally prestigious venues, and the USA provides some of the world’s most luxurious and stunning courses which can be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike.  
Augusta National Golf Club
The Wimbledon, Lords and Wembley Stadium of American Golf, Augusta National Golf Club is the most esteemed name in the US, famed for its incredibly exclusive membership and as home to the king of US Golf Opens, the prestigious annual Masters tournament.  Not open to the public at large, this course is more of an attraction for its incredible golfing heritage, and is an extremely popular destination for spectators seeking the very best of US Golfing tournaments.  
Cypress Point Club
Drama may not be the first word to spring to mind when thinking of golf, but drama is exactly what the Cypress Point Club offers in abundance to its guests and members.  Set in coastal dunes and playing through verdant forest and rugged coastline, as well as above the Pacific Ocean on one notable hole, this course is unmatched for its sheer sense of grandeur, lending a theatrical atmosphere to even the most basic game.  
Pine Valley Golf Club
The dream course of hotelier George Crump, Pine Valley Golf Club was completed and opened in 1919 (sadly after Crump had died) and has since become synonymous with stunning countryside imagery.  Set in the Philadelphia on the New Jersey side of the state, the course bustles with incredible panoramas and is often bathed in a kaleidoscope of rich colours by its flora, best seen in the autumn when the course takes on a blazing palette of oranges and yellows.
Shinnecock Hills Golf Club
The oldest incorporated course in the USA, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is an American institution of golf which has forever striven for progressive approaches to the sport, extending as far as its membership policy (which allowed women to join from its inception, as opposed to many other clubs of the era).  Set amidst luscious greenery, the course’s popularity has been consistent throughout its history, especially in regards to its selection as the host of the US Open four times (and is due to host again in 2018).  
Pebble Beach
Quite possibly America’s most popular public golf course, Pebble Beach is a coastal course with breath-taking views which could even rival those of Cypress Point.  Built as part of a world class resort, this course melds ocean views with gorgeously maintained greens to offer its guests a taste of legendary opulence as enjoyed by famous names including Tiger Woods and Clint Eastwood.  With cliff-side fairways and sloping greens, this course is no easy task; intelligently rewarding time spent trying to master the course with views that are difficult to match elsewhere. 

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