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An Adventure in Mexico

An Adventure in Mexico

From Mayan ruins, jungles and deserts to luxurious resorts on the 10,000 kilometres long coastline, Mexico promises a diverse and vibrant array of attractions to visit and adventures to go on. 
Mexico offers a rich cultural heritage, tradition and well-preserved ancient ruins.  Home of the Maya civilisation (along with Guatemala and Belize), whose people are widely considered to be the pre-Columbian America’s most brilliant society, influenced by the Tolztec and the Aztecs civilisations, before being colonised by Spain in the 16th Century, the country is  a mix of cultures and escapades and promises an exciting and colourful experience.
The country’s extensive coastline is a fascinating blend of party towns like Cancún, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and smaller resorts like Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas where tourists can witness whale birthings and swim with dolphins.  Situated in The Mexican Caribbean, Cancún is the premiere costal destination in Mexico.  With its picturesque beaches, heart-melting sunsets and numerous bars, clubs and restaurants, the city is an attractive destination for party-goers and tourists seeking an exciting introduction to the country.  The Yucatán resort is a getaway to Chichen Itza which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 and was voted as one of The New Seven Wonders, as well as the ancient and romantic city of Tulum.  However, Mexico has much more than just coastal towns to offer – 40 kilometres northeast of the volcano-surrounded capital Mexico City is Teotihuacan, an enormous archaeological site with some of the largest pyramids in the world.  An area especially designed for travellers who are looking for a remote adventure is Copper Canyon where the list of activities includes hiking, horseback riding and birding, whilst a mountain rail ride offers exquisite views.
The weather at sea levels tends to be warm to hot all year round but the best time to visit the palm-smothered beaches of Mexico is between October and May.  The country has a wide range of climatic zones and whether you are looking for adventures in the iconic cactus-dotted northern deserts or on the southern gold beaches, the Mexico experience will live up to the expectations.  

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