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A Caribbean Dream

A Caribbean Dream

By Saadia Sharif

When we hear of the Caribbean, our minds immediately drift to the sandy beaches of Jamaica, Barbados, and Cuba. One of the lesser known jewels of the Caribbean is Trinidad and Tobago. Situated to the south, this hidden paradise makes for the perfect holiday escape while allowing you to get away from the hassle of bustling tourist hotspots.

Trinidad and Tobago consists of two islands, the latter providing an ideal retreat for anyone seeking the classic sandy beach and sunshine experience. They are connected via a two-hour-long ferry ride allowing you to gaze out at the sea and gorgeous coastlines of both islands. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a pod of dolphins.

With Trinidad being the more business-orientated aspect of the country, Tobago is a blissful, relaxed haven. Hundreds of luxurious beachfront homes are available to rent during your stay, offering you more privacy and comfort than most hotels. The serene, stress-free environment in addition to the calming tranquillity of the beach is a remedy to even the most burdened of minds.

One of the best ways to see the stunning sights of the Caribbean is by boat. It is highly recommendable to travel on a glass-bottomed boat as it allows you an exclusive sight into the depths of the water that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. The glass panels provide you with a unique viewpoint into the water. The gentle sway of the coral reefs, the frantic darts of tropical fish, and even the odd turtle are just some of the wonders that you may come across. Above the surface of the sea lies an equally spectacular scene. Every beach, without exception, is undoubtedly flawless. The boat stops at a variety of picturesque islands as it tours the Caribbean Sea, providing ample time to exit the vessel and feel the sand beneath your feet.

The exquisite views of Tobago aren’t the country’s only merit. Much like its fellow islands, it offers a tasty and hugely diverse cuisine. One snack that is unique to Trinidad is doubles. It consists of two pieces of fried flatbread, stuffed with curried chickpeas, with the choice of adding extra pepper or mango chutney. However, in a country full of spice-heavy dishes, even the mildest option may be hotter than you expect!

Trinidad and Tobago is a wonderfully concealed beauty. Tucked away from the overcrowded and often overpriced tourist resorts of other islands, it provides a peaceful sanctuary to unwind. With so few people knowing of its existence, the country truly allows you to take a well-earned rest.

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