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Three ways to reach your health goals this summer

Three ways to reach your health goals this summer

The gradual arrival of long days, warm air and plenty of sunshine can only mean one thing: summer is finally here. And though weather during the season can vary — especially in this country — it often feels like a time for reinvention to many of us.

So, if you want to spend the next few months improving your health and lifestyle, you’re probably not alone. Lucky for you, we’ve listed the three easiest ways to achieve this.

To reach your health goals this summer, follow our three top tips.

1. Kit out your home in advance

Looking to exercise more this season? Whether you plan to soak up the sun outdoors or workout from home, you’ll need the right kit. Make sure that you’ve got everything you’ll need in advance, and you’ll be more likely to complete your summer exercise plan.

After all, most of us know already that it’s very easy to give up on a project once we discover that we don’t have the proper equipment for it. To avoid this dip in enthusiasm, kit yourself out with the essentials such as weights, a fitness mat and a water bottle before delving into your summer fitness plan.

2. Plan your motivation tactics

When it comes to reaching any goal, motivation is key. A healthy lifestyle change may not be the most fun project, but you can reap huge rewards from it — mainly a boost in physical and emotional wellbeing.

So, it’s crucial that we underline the benefits of it to ourselves throughout. While this can be easy to do at the beginning of our health initiative — when we’re usually feeling our most enthusiastic about it — it’s often tricky to keep the momentum going. That’s why it’s important to plan your motivation tactics ahead of starting your lifestyle change.

Why not create a mood board to put up at home, for example? It could feature images of what you want the end result of your regime to look like, such as a calm, healthy and happy person. You may also want to include incentives to keep you motivated during particularly tricky days. Do this, and you’ll be better able to see your fitness plan through.

3. Make time for meditation

Exercise and nutritious food are essential for developing a healthier lifestyle — but meditation and mindfulness are equally as important. Summer isn’t just a good time for boosting our physical health, it can also be the perfect opportunity to enhance our emotional wellbeing.

So, why don’t you use the coming months to really relax? Meditate in the sun, and you’ll be able to fully switch off after a workout, making it easier to recharge for the next session.

Invest time in mindfulness, and you could increase the long-term benefits of your summer health initiative. Better still, you’ll be able to carefully manage your money at the same time, as meditation doesn’t have to cost a penny. Very often, it simply involves observing everything within the present moment, such as our breath, surroundings, smells, textures and taste.

A straightforward exercise, for example, involves you turning your head from side to side and listing everything that you see, while breathing in for four seconds and out for eight.

For many of us, summer is a time for revival; a period of physical and personal strengthening. So, how about using this glorious time of year to reach your health goals?

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