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Royal Restrooms Announces Initiative to Mobilize Sanitization Zones for High Risk Locations in Response to Coronavirus

Royal Restrooms Announces Initiative to Mobilize Sanitization Zones for High Risk Locations in Response to Coronavirus

As part of President Trump's mandate for hospitals and locations frequented by high risk individuals to construct an emergency management plan, Royal Restrooms is reserving restrooms for the highest priority clients.  Locations such as nursing homes, medical facilities, and childcare providers are currently taking precedence.  Royal Restrooms is offering restrooms with hot and cold running water sinks, as well as flushing toilets.  

Royal Restrooms is working with health care officials to create and manage a system of containment, offering locations with high risk individuals the opportunity to set up sanitation zones.  These sanitation zones can be mobilized outside sensitive areas where individuals with compromised immune systems may be located.  By offering staff, visitors, vendors, and delivery personnel a "triage" location to wash hands and sanitize themselves before entering the sanitized zone.

"The hope is to create a safe buffer layer," says Co-Founder of Royal Restrooms, David Sauers. "In keeping with the CDC's recommendation of handwashing with soap and running water for 20 seconds to combat the Coronavirus, this buffer layer is essential and obtainable."

In addition, if a business or organization currently has an event or remodel scheduled, Royal Restrooms is able to outfit it with restrooms, hand washing stations, or "sanitation stations" (mobile hand sanitizing stations) that may ensure that guests or clients will feel secure as well as be safe.  

"I speak for every member of the Royal Restrooms family when I say that we take the greatest pride in maintaining clean, comfortable restrooms," he says. "We stand together with you during this crisis and our commitment to you remains as steadfast as ever."

Royal Restrooms is currently preparing for Coronavirus, allowing for customers to be ready as well.  Because the core principle of Royal Restrooms is serving people, the company wants to make sure their customers are able to continue to operate as usual in the midst of this virus outbreak, no matter what that means, with continued flexibility and peace of mind for guests, clients, and employees. 

About Royal Restrooms Nationwide:  Royal Restrooms Nationwide is a mobile luxury restroom and shower company based in Savannah, Georgia.  Founded in 2004, Royal Restrooms has 43 locations, able to service the United States and many locations in Canada.  Providing service to weddings, festivals, and events as well as business remodels, corporate and industrial needs.

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