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Premium Float Schwabing Wins Service Excellence Award

Premium Float Schwabing Wins Service Excellence Award

Premium Float Schwabing in Munich has won the highly popular Service Excellence Award in the LTG European Awards 2018.

Amidst the busy streets of Munich and set within close proximity to the lavish and extensive English Gardens, Premium Float Schwabing is a purpose built float centre, providing an innovative and exclusive way for guests to experience ultimate relaxation. The peaceful and welcoming ambience that greets guests at the centre brings a refreshing and serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. From the moment of arrival, guests of Premium Float Schwabing are transported to a space of luxury and elegance. Furnished with reclining chairs, the waiting room has been crafted to bring immediate relaxation to your visit.
Based on a belief of medical wellness, Premium Float Schwabing stimulates the body through creating a unique feeling of weightlessness. Using the latest German microprocessor-controlled hygiene technology, the two floating pools and floating tank are state-of-the-art and purposely crafted to induce a tranquil state of floating. Filled with salt water and heated to a warm 35 degrees the feeling of being carried by water is designed to relieve pressure on the spine, address chronic muscle tensions and alleviate joint discomforts, whilst inducing a deep state of relaxation. Applied with expert care and skill, a classic massage after the float ensures all tensions in the body and mind are dispelled. 
Whether you want to float in undisturbed silence, with meditative music, in complete darkness, with dimmed light or surrounded by stars guests can unwind in complete tranquillity and privacy. The centre’s commitment to providing high quality service through an informative and exclusive environment makes Premium Float Schwabing particularly distinctive. The experienced and independent massage therapists are central to providing a professional and hospitable service, where guests can unwind in a friendly and calming environment. A number of thoughtful details such as providing a thorough consultation, complimentary towels and robes, along with access to high quality products make for a pleasant and soothing experience. 


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