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Las Vegas Airline planned for 2018

Las Vegas Airline planned for 2018

According to the website, a $10.3 Billion charter airline is coming to Las Vegas and will be the feature of a brand new web series "LVAIR RISING." At $10.3 Billion, and given the designs, LVAIR would be the most expensive and luxurious air charter in history. LVAIR plans to begin with a fleet of thirty 747'800 luxury Jumbo Jets designed specifically to carry Players and Whales to Las Vegas 'en masse' from points around the world. LVAIR, in the works for 5 years, now believes the company is 12 months away from delivering its inaugural flight in November 2018. By the year 2020, LV Air plans to double the gaming revenues in Las Vegas from its supplied surplus of additional "Players" in the market brought in from foreign markets. "This is a golden age for gaming worlwide, with double digit growth for international markets into Las Vegas; there is no better gaming market in the world so we plan to capitalize on the boom of Players worldwide by giving them a stable conduit to the Entertainment Capital Of The World," says Jeff Champagne, Executive Vice President for LVAIR.  "LVAIR for Players is the Uber Luxury Taxi in the air to Las Vegas worldwide," he finishes. LVAIR will be the world's first "Single Destination Airline." It will only sell Las Vegas.

Rising Again Productions plans to film the final 12 month launch period in a Webseries titled "LVAIR RISING" which will air on Youtube and Facebook. "As filmmakers we live for the projects that allow us to push the boundaries of entertainment, to 'Rise' above the rest, as we will with Las Vegas Rising. Reality TV meets Modern Documentary storytelling with top tier visuals in this exciting upcoming adventure I have the honor of filming," says Adriel Roman, Co-Founder of Rising Again Productions LLC. Rising Again plans to hire a thousand actors locally for the series. "Our investors, our employees, our casino partners, and our celebrities and most of all, the citizens of Las Vegas will be able to see how we're taking shape and changing the world as we revolutionize the airline industry," says Champagne.

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