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How restaurants in Miami are preparing for reopening after quarantine

How restaurants in Miami are preparing for reopening after quarantine

Through a proprietary cleaning and decontamination processes scientifically proven to reduce the risk of viruses, bacteria and mold, Energy Professionals partners with Pure Air Control Services to help businesses prepare for when it's time to reopen.

What is it going to take to reopen America's economy?

While last week saw many states extending their lockdown orders, President Trump issued guidelines to reopen parts of the U.S. where the number of coronavirus cases are declining. The 18-page plan for "reopening America" describes the circumstances necessary for areas of the country to allow employees to start returning to work, but decisions to lift restrictions will be made by state governors.

Phase one of the plan will see some workers head back to their offices, while phase two has schools and restaurants reopening and phase three sees the opening of bigger venues such as shopping malls.

Yet many questions remain unanswered as to what life will be like after the coronavirus pandemic. One of them being what the restaurant and hotel industry will look like. While it is not totally possible to predict the answer, one thing is certain: this crisis will have a lasting impact on how Americans will eat, travel, and gather.

Helping restaurants and hotels prepare for reopening, Energy Professionals has been working with a high-end restaurant group to clean, decontaminate, and restore their HVAC systems as well as decontaminating the building spaces using proprietary technology.

Having recently completed treatment of one of their Miami restaurant locations, the cleaning resulted in improved indoor air quality and increased system efficiency with documented airflow increases by 28–41 percent for all systems. Restaurant staff commented on an immediate improvement in both air circulation and cooling of the location.

"We are excited to work with Energy Professionals. Not only to aid their customers with building disinfection during the COVID-19 Pandemic," says Alan Wozniak, President of Pure Air Control Services, "but also with creating a more energy-efficient, healthier, and comfortable environment, realizing incredible energy savings through HVAC restoration."

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