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6 Luxury Travel Essentials For The Frequent Flyer

6 Luxury Travel Essentials For The Frequent Flyer

Maybe you can settle for basic travel accessories if you haven’t stepped foot on a plane in years. However, if you know your local airport better than the back of your hand, it’s probably time to step up your travel gear. From noise-canceling headphones to cashmere scarves, there are several purchases you can make to elevate your in-flight experience. Read on for six luxury travel essentials you won’t want to skimp on if you’re a frequent flyer.

Noise Canceling Headphones

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting just seats away from a fussy infant on an international flight, you’ve probably also found yourself dreaming of noise-canceling headphones. And if you’ve taken many trips since then, it’s high past time to splurge. Noise-canceling headphones can help block the background whir of airplane engines and allow you to enjoy your in-flight music at a volume that’s safer for sensitive ears.

A Cashmere Scarf

Whether you’re taking a chilly trans-Atlantic flight into London, or you find yourself shivering in island attire on the way to St. Barts, it’s no secret that cabin temperatures can send any frequent flyer into a shivering fit. Fortunately, an oversized cashmere scarf can serve as a luxurious blanket, keeping you warm while you enjoy that in-flight movie or catch some much-needed sleep during a red-eye. Plus, your wrap can work double-duty once you reach your destination, serving as both a blanket and the perfect cool-weather accessory.

Leather Passport Case

That famous turquoise water in Saint Tropez looks beautiful – that is, until it’s lapping up the shores and soaking through your belongings. Investing in a quality passport cover can help protect your essential travel documents from water and other forms of damage that you can expect while jet-setting.

Comfortable Loafers

Even if you’re a pro at packing a carry-on, you might still struggle to fit an appropriate number of shoes into a suitcase, sized for the overhead bin. A quality pair of leather loafers offers several versatile styling options no matter where your destination may take you. Pick a pair that’s comfy enough for the flight, and after your plane lands, you’ll find yourself with a stylish shoe you can take from the conference boardroom to the beach.

Salon-grade Hair Dryer

As a seasoned traveler, you probably know what can happen if you just cross your fingers and count on using the hotel hair dryer upon arrival. For guaranteed good hair no matter your destination, consider purchasing a travel-sized hair dryer from a reputable salon brand. The added dose of luxury in your travel hair-care routine will ensure that your ’do stays stylish whether you’re battling volume-crushing drought in Death Valley or intense humidity in Miami Beach.

Travel-safe Spray Case

Packing your favorite scent can offer extra confidence during a business presentation or a healthy dose of nostalgia on an anniversary getaway. However, many full-size fragrances exceed TSA’s 3-ounce rule, and there’s always the risk that a glass cologne container could crack and spill in transit. Investing in a sleek gold travel spray case solves both problems, allowing you to bring a regulation-approved amount of fragrance in a container that can handle the hustle and bustle of airport travel.

Before You Go

If you’re on a first-name basis with your local airport’s TSA agents, it’s probably high time you upgrade your travel gear. Fortunately, adding luxury to your flight routine can be as easy as packing a cashmere scarf or a leather passport case for your next trip across the sky.

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