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Luxury Abound – Concierge Greece

Luxury Abound – Concierge Greece

By Laura Blake

Concierge Greece is a luxury concierge service for people with insufficient time to worry about the particularities. Their services enable you to enjoy exclusive treatment in one of Europe’s most alluring destinations whilst still being able to kick back and make the most of your free time.
With a strong devotion in giving all of their clients great personal service, you will be allocated your own personal concierge for all requests, and you can nominate one other person such as a partner, spouse or personal assistant, to use their luxury concierge services at no additional cost.
Luxury Transport
Changing dreams into reality, experience the fast paced lifestyle by driving a supercar.  Relish in driving the world’s most thrilling and prestigious cars available on a daily basis, over a long weekend or as long as you like.  Available with or without chauffeurs for your own personal enjoyment, Concierge Greece maintains a comprehensive portfolio of luxury cars and exotic cars which are continually available, through numerous luxury vehicle providers around the world.  They can offer clients a variety of vehicles to choose from at below market rates, no matter where your adventure happens to take you.
Luxury Travel does not have to be consigned to four wheels however, discover the luxury of private jet travel with Concierge Greece.  No matter where you are or where you want to go, private jet charter allows you to fly directly to your destination in comfort.  All the small details such as ground transportation, meals, entertainment, cabin comfort and scheduling issues are taken care of by Concierge Greece, all in order to accommodate you and your lifestyle.
The luxury does not stop there.  A great way to relax and entertain your friends or clients is a day at sea.  Sitting back and enjoying Greek islands with a drink, is the best way to spend some time.  Concierge Greece work with the best yacht charter companies in Greece and are pleased to offer you a choice of stunning yachts or catamarans for your very own private use.
VIP Access
When it comes to high culture there is nothing quite as spectacular as catching a ballet or jazz performance in Athens’ Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.  The exquisite setting alone will provide a tremendous ambiance and atmosphere that is sure to send shivers down your spine.  Likewise, the experience of a private box at Karaiskakis Stadium, as Olympiakos welcome Europe’s elite in footballs UEFA Champions League, is nothing short of magical.
Think of Concierge Greece as your personal matchmaker to social events, (otherwise known as a personal concierge service) – when they’ve identified an event you’d like to attend, they will act as a facilitator and mediator between you and the event organisers to ensure that your needs are looked after.
As one of the oldest civilisations known to man, it is little wonder that Greece remains a cultural haven to this date.  Whether you require reservations at the most renowned restaurants, need your name on the guest list for the launch of an exhibition at the country’s most prestigious art galleries, or seek a last minute trip to the theatre or a music performance, Concierge Greece can delve into their treasure trove of contacts to ensure access to the most exclusive events in the country. 
Classical and enchanting, Greece offers travellers a warm welcome.  Take a tour with a guide who can show you the country's most popular sights - and best-kept secrets.  From the ancient sites, such as the stupendous Acropolis – which dominates Athens, to the ruins of Knossos; there is much history to ingest.  Not only that you can also visit some aesthetically enriching locations such as Rhodes Town Beach to enjoy some legendary Greek sun.  While the many vineyards such as Santorini offer untold wine delicacies which will invigorate your palate and leave you replenished.
The Concierge Greece guide is eager to help you understand this Aegean nation's fascinating history and contemporary culture on an entertaining private tour.  Specialising in creating the personal private tour of your lifetime where you can relax, have no worry of driving, allowing all passengers to enjoy the scenic drives through the beautiful Greek countryside, stopping wherever you desire to take photos, swim, hike or just take a break, all your Greek dreams can be realised here. 
Greece owes the modern spa and aroma bathing techniques to ancient civilisations.  The ancient Greeks, in particular, had developed many practices that have influenced the modern day spa treatments.  Following in the footsteps of these ancient traditions, a large number of spa centres have been created in different parts of Greece.  Most of the spa centres are associated with restaurants, resorts and hotels with many untold luxury with bouts of rest and relaxation.
The services include daily bathing in heated seawater pools – which will use nature’s water to cleanse sooth and revitalise your skin.  Mother Earth’s natural cleansing techniques include using algae and mud wraps to purify your skin and even improve circulation and muscle tone.  A hydro massage will help to relax muscles, increase blood circulation and relieve muscular pain and tension.  Other relaxation techniques include aromatherapy and volcano steam bath, among many others.  Along with the spa and massage services, many of the centres also offer a gym, yoga and meditation courses. 
Somewhere between being a tour operator, a travel agency, vacation planner and a concierge and lifestyle management company, Concierge Greece present you with the choice of the best luxury rental villas and deluxe hotels in the whole country, handpicked and selected one-by-one to provide only the best that Greece has to offer.
Leave behind the anxiety of booking a place sight-unseen.  Photos, suggestions from previous guests, and your free personal travel advisor will help you avoid mistakes and ensure you can embrace your very own slice of boundless luxury.  Concierge Greece strives to provide exemplary service to all owners and guests.  They ensure to give you a memorable vacation home that you will want to come back to again and again.  They want to make the process of renting your vacation property as seamless as possible.  With years of experience within the luxury travel world, working with high end clients, Concierge Greece strive to make sure that your break is a blissful retreat.

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