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Shane Green

Luxury Travel Guide Guest Judge - Shane Green

As President & Founder of SGEi, Shane collaborates with client’s c-level executives to craft customer experience and employee engagement strategies to support brand promises. He leads SGEi’s team of operations, human resource, and training professionals: together, they inspire brands to deliver exceptional internal and external experiences that create brand advocates and loyal customers.
Prior to founding SGEi, Shane consulted for The Ritz-Carlton, where his foundation for understanding customer and employee dynamics was fostered. Since then his work with many of the finest hotels in the world, and well-known brands like BMW, NetJets, the NBA, Le Frak, Cisco Systems, and Christy’s, has established him as one of the most sought-after speakers and insiders on customer experience and employee engagement. Shane has also established himself as a television personality, utilising more than 20 years of experience consulting for the hotel and hospitality industry as host of Travel Channel’s hit
TV series Resort Rescue.
Shane’s multicultural background has created an ambience of diversity and global thinking at SGEi. He received his BS of Commerce in Marketing and Business Psychology from Canterbury University in New Zealand.

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