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Your Discounted Escape

Your Discounted Escape

We’re seeing the spread of the coronavirus impact millions across the world as it seems no country has been able to avoid exposure - and with this we’re starting to see the immediate impact as many businesses begin to struggle. Many of the businesses we see struggling the most are within the travel and tourism industry - flights have been grounded as countries across the world close their borders, cruise ships have remained docks and the businesses that welcome waves of tourists each year such as hotels and restaurants have had to temporarily close their doors - and because of this, we’re already seeing changes within the industry to encourage those who are scared to travel to get away again.
Now we don’t expect to see an immediate change of course - there are still lockdowns in many countries that are preventing travel completely but over the coming weeks and months we will start to see the change, and with this we will start to see flights begin to operate and hotels reopen and this is where you may find your discounted opportunity. As many have had to cancel existing bookings, and as many of these places have been closed for a number of weeks already, there will be a big focus on getting people to book to recover some of the losses - but businesses being closed mean that often times people have either lost their jobs or are receiving a little less money, so they may not be able to afford to book - the expectation to many, and following something that we’ve already seen, is that airlines will begin to slash prices on tickets and hotels will offer upgrade rooms or services at lower prices to recoup some of the lost costs. 

This may provide you with the perfect opportunity to have an experience you may not have looked to have before - as we move through spring and approach summer, beachfront hotels would usually be swarming with tourists as they look to catch a tan but may now be empty. Where online casinos such as those at Maximum Casinos have been performing extremely well as the lockdowns persist, sin city Las Vegas itself has been completely empty for a number of weeks and have found a huge dip that they hope to recover. The many restaurants that have been shut down will also no doubt be offering great deals to pull as many people through the doors as possible - discount vouchers, free drinks, and many other benefits to keep an eye out for may pop up.
As mentioned it still might take some time before we’re able to travel - but now may be a perfect time to start looking into your next holiday - not only will it give you something to look forward to as a boost to morale during these tough times, but also provide an opportunity you may not have taken before!

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