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Women – The Three Types of Bra You Need to Pack for a Vacation Packed with Both Luxury and Adventure

Women – The Three Types of Bra You Need to Pack for a Vacation Packed with Both Luxury and Adventure

Luxury travel isn't just about relaxing in lavish accommodation and enjoying the best in service – it can also be about glamorous evenings eating fine exotic foods, and days spent doing unique and exciting things. If you have managed to come up with a great itinerary for your vacation that includes everything from exploration and activity through to fine dining and spa treatments, you are no doubt looking forward to it a huge amount. However, it can be difficult to know what to pack when in a single day you could be shopping, exploring a rainforest and going out for cocktails!

We can't hope to cover everything you'll need to take for a vacation like this in a single article, however there is one thing you really do need to ensure you have if you want to feel comfortable and also look great – the right bra for every occasion you'll encounter!

You may need more than one variant of each type, for instance, for evenings you may want a different cut of bra for different dresses depending on their fit and neckline, but broadly speaking, you'll need these three types:

A Good Racerback Sports Bra

Whether you have some cool activities planned or simply plan to keep up your usual workout regime at your resort's gym, a good racerback sports bra will keep you comfortable and protect you. If your destination is a hot one, pay extra care to choose a fabric that wicks away moisture and has breathable mesh panels, particularly if you are going to be doing a lot of outdoor activity. If you are planning a lot of watersport, for example windsurfing or waterskiing, choose swimwear that offers similar support to a sports bra for this – you can always change into a less sporty beach look for sunbathing.

A Comfortable T-Shirt Bra

For sightseeing, shopping and other casual daytime stuff, a good seamless t-shirt bra in a flesh color is the best choice, keeping you comfortable and working well with sundresses as well as casual tops. Look for a  smooth back bra that won't cause bulges where the bra sits on your back.

Shaping Bras for Your Evening Dresses

For evening, you'll want bras that remain hidden under your dresses (adjustable bras that can be strapless, halter neck or cross-backed can be a good space saver in your luggage for this), and also give you the most flattering shape for the dress you've chosen. Push up bras are often a good choice with low necklines, or balconette styles with strapless or sweetheart neckline dresses. With higher necklines, a smoothing effect is best. For spaghetti straps, you may want to consider either strapless bras, or, if this doesn't provide enough support, bras with transparent 'invisible' straps.

With bras in each of these three types, you should be well equipped for whatever occasion your vacation offers you!

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