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Want a Trip After the Quarantine? Here are Some Destination Ideas

Want a Trip After the Quarantine? Here are Some Destination Ideas

Quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone and there are plenty of people itching to get back into the open world and embrace things they have never thought of before. With the potential of airports opening up within the next few months, the thoughts of many have been diverted to where they might be able to visit on holiday. The benefit for travelers at this point in time is the price of flights will be lower and they will be able to travel further for their money. Where are the best places to go following a pandemic lockdown? Well, the world is soon to be your oyster so here are a few destination ideas for when quarantine ends.
South America
A continent boasting an enormous range of cultures, cities, and landscapes. South America has to be on your bucket list of places to go. From the Temple of the Sun in Machu Picchu, Peru, to the ice glaciers of Patagonia, Argentina, you’ll be sure to find somewhere that captures your eye and fills you with awe. With so many incredible places to visit, it’s often wise to turn to one of the many companies offering tours of South America to showcase what the continent has to offer. Marvel at the breathtaking views, exciting cities, and incredible food when traveling around countries in this beautiful part of the world.
One of the most popular places to visit is atop a mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Christ the Redeemer is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ that stands at a whopping 98 feet tall. Considering nearly 2 million people visit the statue every year, you’d be crazy not to put it on your itinerary.
Next on the list is a place of pure tranquillity that will throw away your worries for the duration of your stay. It starts with the most beautiful descent in a seaplane down to a collection of white sand islands and you haven’t even landed. Palm trees, bright turquoise crystal clear oceans, and luxury overwater villas meet you on arrival and many confess that’s not even their favorite part. There is something incredibly captivating about sea life surrounding the islands and you’ll often find yourself mesmerized by the hustle and bustle under the water.  This truly is a holiday to relax and let all your stresses float away.
Choose a villa amongst others or find your own little getaway, far from the tiny crowds of the Maldives.
A city break has to make the list and what better place than the capital of England, London. Filled with history, this city will have you walking for hours and never without something to look at. From the Tower of London to Covent Garden, London has a little something for everyone that visits. Despite the fact that it’s a busy city, you’ll always be able to find somewhere off the beaten track to enjoy a cup of coffee or a locally brewed beer. London is one of the most unique cities in the world, steeped with history and brimming with culture, it’s a place that has to be ticked off the bucket list.
London shouldn’t just be explored by day, but also by night. Incredible bars and restaurants line the streets and who can forget the world-famous West End? Catch one of the breathtaking shows any night of the week.
More specifically, Rome, but if you have dreams of going anywhere else in Italy then you should make them come true. There’s something about Rome that entices you in with its renaissance churches, medieval apartment buildings, and crumbling marble ruins. Never a bad thing, all these things feel at home and as though they are in their rightful place. That’s what makes Rome so individual, there isn’t a person that doesn’t look as though they belong there, everything just fits. What perfectly complements this kind of style is the effortless beauty of Italian food. Streets are filled with incredible restaurants and you’ll only have to follow your nose if you find you’ve wandered further.
The Colosseum is something you’ll have to visit if you find yourself in Rome. Go visit where the gladiators battled in front of 87000 spectators and try to imagine what it would have been like during the games.
There are so many incredible places this planet has to offer us and as soon as lockdown is lifted we should be taking advantage as much as we can, or as much as our jobs will let us. From South America to Asia, there are some breathtaking experiences to be had so whilst we are still in a slight lockdown, get your plans down on paper and book some time off, the world is waiting.

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