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Vegas Could Become Go-To Destination Again

Vegas Could Become Go-To Destination Again

Vegas has often been a dream holiday destination for many – the glitz and glamour of it all, the on-strip entertainment and the beautiful scenery through the mountain ranges across the desert – but the ongoing pandemic has meant that many would be travellers have had to rethink their holiday and change destinations, but it seems like there may be some good news on the way for those same people.
The first set of challenges had come early in the year when the city had to be placed on complete lockdown following outbreaks across the US, but there had been a seemingly quick turnaround as June marked the reopening of many of the casinos and hotels that had previously been closed – and the demand was huge. Large numbers of people quickly filled the halls of the establishments with the still rather lax safety measures that had been put in place as guests weren’t required to wear face coverings or socially distance, and with most businesses seemingly running back in full steam.
There had been a little hiccup along the way as bars across the city were forced to close following some increasing numbers in the weeks that followed alongside some rule changes which required guests to wear masks, but for hotels and casinos in particular it seemed that business was once again booming. With recent news suggesting that Nevada could start easing some coronavirus restrictions and a new change for Vegas as when Park MGM reopens at the end of the month it will be the first smoke free location in Vegas – this could see the start of foreign tourism once again, as it had been suggested that the huge majority currently were all domestic visitors.

There are many who have been unwilling to travel turn to alternatives throughout this period of time however as online sites have found a huge boom in users throughout the pandemic – there have been measures such as Gamstop strengthened in an effort to reduce participation options, but as lists of operatives who skirt these rules where a good example is the best casinos list of sites, player numbers have continued to surge throughout.
If you are considering travelling any time soon it may be important to note any changes that you may need to keep an eye on whilst heading over – there are the local measures put in place for safety that you’ll need to follow such as the mask mandate and any potential social distancing, but also keeping an eye on any locations you may be planning to visit too, some may be operating at reduced visitor hours or capacity in order to abide by any safety measures that have been required – but for those looking for a luxury getaway come this holiday season, it does look as if options are starting to expand and become more available again as a growing number of popular destinations are starting to price deals in a very attractive way to begin their own recovery, and to encourage some more travel.

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