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Travel The World With The Latest Anti-Theft Backpacks

Travel The World With The Latest Anti-Theft Backpacks

Worrying about your belonging during travelling is something not out of the ordinary. The safety of your belongings is part of your priority list. Being pickpocketed or stolen from can be very disappointing especially while travelling to a new destination. Instead of having your peace of mind, you were walking around rolling your eyes everywhere thinking that some guy behind is busy strategizing how he will steal your possessions.
Fortunately, thanks to anti-theft bags, such travelling worries have been dealt. These type of backpacks have features that make them hard to steal and gain access to, and they are the best bags that keep your possessions 100% secured from common thieves and pickpocketers.
First and foremost, let us have a look at some of the features an anti-theft bag should have;

1. Accessibility.

Although the bags designed for security purposes, it does not inconvenience you to access the different parts of the pack.

2. Comfort.

No matter how heavy your belongings are, the backpacks have paddings on the shoulder straps. The mesh lining located at the back of the back gives space for your return to breathe. These features ensure that you comfortable no matter how heavy your load is.

3. Durability.

Even though the bags are costly, they have features that ensure their durability is on top. The zips designs, the bag lock, and the excellent weight distribution ensure you that your bag lasts at a more extended period than regular bags.

4. Pocket Arrangement.

Some pockets are a shockproof feature to enhance the safety of delicate items like laptops and iPods. Different pockets have different functions, for instance, the outer slots are meant explicitly for storing foldable umbrellas and water bottles. It is important to note that, in some bags, such pockets are located inside the bag to ensure total security of your possessions.
Best Anti-Theft Backpacks.

a) ONSON Anti-Theft Backpack.

It is lightweight making it more comfy to use. The bag has adjustable padded adjustable straps which offer extra back support and allows your back to breathe. The multiple slots in the bag will enable you to keep your belongings in an organized manner. The most exciting thing about the pack is that it has an inbuilt external USB port to enable you to charge your smartphone by connecting with a portable charger, it also has a headphone hole to allow you to listen to music.
It’s made from both nylon with a polyester lining, and it has adjustable shoulder straps which are padded to increase comfort while carrying the bag. Moreover, the bag has a vertical zipper on its side, which opens to show a mesh holder - main compartment. The bag has external pockets for keeping easily retrievable things like wallet, ID and also smartphones.
ONSON bag has lockable zippers with a combination lock, and this makes it a secure backpack for travelling and work also. The bag is waterproof which is a significant boost to its durability. The bag has several compartments. However, there is a specific slot designed for laptops.

b) Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack.

The bag has three compartments. The front one contains an RFID blocking card and a slot to keep valuables like passports and IDs. It also has a rear compartment to store laptop of not less than 15.6 inches. The main compartment is large enough to for storing things like clothes.
It’s also equipped with air mesh back panel and backpack straps. With meshed outer side pockets, you can keep your small umbrella and water bottle as you travel. Travelon Classic back has not only adjustable straps but also cut-proof,

c) XD Design Bobby Elle Anti-Theft Travel Backpack.

It's a small bag suitable for the ladies who want to maintain class, even while carrying an anti-theft backpack. It's water resistant. However, in this bag, all the fun is contained on the back side. The bag has hidden pockets, to give easy access to smaller items. A P.P board protects Bobby Elle bag as the inner layer.
The zippers in this bag are discreetly hidden to prevent thieves from accessing your possessions. The bag has a protective compartment for 9.7 tablet computer. Unlike other packs having outer slots to secure your water bottle and foldable umbrellas, Elle bags contains such a slot inside the bag to keep your belongings 100% safe. The bag has reflectors for visibility.

d) Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 Anti-Theft 7L Backpack.

When it comes to security, the Pacsafe backpack delivers the best. It has multiple locks to guarantee the safety of your belongings. The bag is of high quality with the latest anti-pickpocket technologies. It is also made from nylon and has a Polyester lining, therefore, protecting your items from scratches.
The main compartment is not large enough to hold a laptop like in other bags but, can hold a regular size tablet making it suitable for individuals with smaller devices.

The above are some of the best anti-theft bags. These anti-theft bags have features not found in other regular bags, the secret pockets, RFID protection, Locking zippers, Slash-proof constructions, water resistant and built-in steel cables, These features make these backpacks standout from other ordinary bags. Even though some of these bags are very costly, the safety of your belongings is assured, and no thief can access them.
With the bags, you can travel the world with 100% security of your belongings.


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