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Top Six Fitness Retreats In The World

Top Six Fitness Retreats In The World

Whether you are looking for a quick wellness break or a longer fitness holiday, solo or in a group, here are six of the best options.

1. DowntoFlow Escapes, Worldwide Locations (from £160/night)

DowntoFlow Escapes are a range of luxury fitness retreats offered at unique worldwide locations, including the UK, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Bali and Sri Lanka. While the retreats are ideal for beginners and experienced yogis alike, these retreats offer serious instruction and advice; they are not cushy spa breaks. Founders Molly Robinson and Dylan Salamon are highly trained yoga teachers. Molly brings her nutritional expertise to the business as a qualified chef who worked for worked for Australia’s leading nutritionist and author Lee Holmes. Dylan, an ex-rugby player and power lifter previously developed yoga and anatomy training for organisations such as GymBox, Broga and The Royal Airforce. Down to Flow retreats aim to help guests to achieve greater self confidence and mental clarity, described as “a state of flow,” through yoga, pilates, hiking and other forms of exercise, breathwork and journalling.

2. Breathguru Retreats, Lanzarote, Spain (four night retreat £1140)

Is it possible to improve our mental and physical health simply by changing the way we breathe? According to Alan Dolan, the Breath Guru, it certainly is. Most of us use only 20-25% of our respiratory capacity because we breathe from the top of our chests. As our normal breathing pattern doesn’t use the entire lungs, we aren’t getting the full physical and mental benefits we could be achieving by engaging in “conscious connected breathing.” An advocate of this simple, effective practice, Alan Dolan, teaches the technique at an idyllic villa in the hillside village of Oasis de Nazaret on Lanzarote, one of Spain’s Canary Islands. Alan Dolan, founder of Breathguru® and breath coach, has spent 17 years changing people’s lives (not least his own) with the simple power of breathing. Conscious connected breathing involves breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose (the opposite of normal breathing). Tangible benefits of breathwork can range from easing anxiety, depression and stress to elevated energy levels. A retreat with the Breath Guru includes twice-daily breath sessions, one session is one-on-one with Alan, the other is a group session. Accommodation, airport transfer, all meals, breathwork sessions and an arrival massage are all included in the retreats.

3. The Body Camp, Mallorca, Spain (from £1170/ three nights)

Body Camp’s motto is “Get fitter, feel younger, and have fun.” An expertly programmed holistic fitness and activities for body, mind and soul, in the quiet hills of Mallorca is on offer. It’s a tough boot camp with mornings following a strict regime but afternoons are for relaxing. Freshly prepared, nutritious meals and protein are on the menu created for optimum health, fat loss and to re-train portion habits. Bookings can be made through Fish&Pips and are based on shared occupancy.

4. Wildfitness, Menorca, Spain (from £1850/six nights)

Located in an attractive 18th-century farmhouse on 300 acres of private land on the beautiful south coast of Menorca, Wildfitness offers three to four movement sessions per day ranging from beach games to boxing, yoga to lifting and much more. There’s also one interactive educational workshop per day covering a range of topics including wild moving, living, eating and mindset. Reenergising meditation and massage sessions and a plant-based, paleo-style regime, in addition to regular hikes through the island and refreshing sea swims make the Wildfitness experience special.

5. Arrigo Group Retreats, Worldwide (from £1870/ four nights)

One of Britain’s leading transformational retreat providers, Fiona Arrigo of The Arrigo Programme, offers specialist group retreats. Psychotherapist Fiona Arrigo plus guest teachers and expert practitioners, provide a layered programme of therapeutic treatments, body and breath work, exploratory conversations, nourishing food and a chance to reflect, refuel and renew. Themed retreats cover grief, self-discovery, transformation and revitalisation.  

6. Dolce Vitality at Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy (6,000 euros/six nights)

Based at renowned Positano resort Le Sirenuse, Dolce Vitality takes place just twice a year in the spring and fall. Dolce Vitality’s “open air gym” is arranged over a network of ancient mule tracks, from celebrated routes like the Path of the Gods to relatively untrodden paths. Maintained by volunteers, the trails traverse lemon and olive groves, pass ancient chapels and shrines, climb winding stairways to tiny perched villages with sweeping sea views. The health and wellness retreat offers morning and evening sessions of yoga, meditation and breath work while afternoons are devoted to stretching, low-impact strength training and restorative massages and spa treatments. Meals are vegan, prepared by the hotel’s chef in close consultation with the resident nutritionist and health coach. Tutored by an accredited yoga and meditation teacher, and supported by leading wellness experts, participants conquer mountains, sweat out toxins, rediscover flexibility and resilience, and refocus mind and body. Massages are included and you can attend as many Pilates and Yoga classes on offer.

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