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Top Clothing Picks for a Long Day of Travel

Top Clothing Picks for a Long Day of Travel

When traveling long distance, you will want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and refreshed throughout the journey. Wearing the right attire can make an enormous difference to how you find your experience. Here are some of the top clothing picks for a long day of travel.

Layer Up

For long distance trips, you will be spending a substantial portion of your time on the plane, which can have very cold temperatures due to the air conditioning throughout the aircraft. In the winter months, one of the best items to bring with you is a big scarf, which can help keep you cozy and warm on the plane. For you to get as much comfort as possible out of your long-haul journey, it is recommended to wear multiple layers. As the temperatures may vary throughout the flight, having multiple layers allows you to be more comfortable and gives you the chance to adjust according to the temperature.

Key Accessories

A long day of traveling can be incredibly exhausting, however, having some key accessories can help you feel more relaxed and positive throughout the day. There are other uses that a scarf can bring you, such as doubling up as an extra pillow, which will provide you with an extra layer of comfort to your trip. Compression socks are also useful to wear, as they are predominately used for helping prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and any swelling common during long-haul flights.


Choosing the right footwear for your trip can be a crucial factor in how comfortable you find the entire experience. Make sure to avoid wearing any shoes that are open-toed, as your feet are likely to feel the cold from the air conditioning on the plane. However, if you do plan on wearing open-toed shoes, bring a pair of socks with you that you can wear.

Appropriate Attire

The destination you are headed to determines the sort of clothes you need to pack so try to pack clothes you will need whilst you are abroad. Another important thing to consider is what activities you intend to do whilst you are on vacation, such as hiking or swimming as this should be a large influence on what you pack. If you plan on keeping fit whilst you are abroad then don’t forget your activewear apparel, or you may have to make do with what you have.

The Right Fabric

To be as comfortable as possible throughout your traveling, you will need to understand what sort of fabric works best for a long-haul journey. Picking fabrics that can breathe, stretch, and do not wrinkle are what you should be looking into. Lycra or wool are good fabrics to consider as they keep their shape, meaning you can step off your flight without the worry of your clothes getting baggy. Make sure to steer clear of fabrics like cotton or linen, as they are prone to get incredibly wrinkly over the course of the day.

If you are not a frequent traveler and need more help on what sort of clothing to wear, it is best to speak to your friends and family who have done long distance journeys, so you can get a better understanding on what clothing will work best for you.

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