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Top 4 places to visit in Mykonos, Greece

Top 4 places to visit in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is counted amongst the Greece’s most beautiful islands and attracts a great multitude of travellers from different parts of the world each year. Widely acclaimed for its amazing features, crystal blue waters, whitewashed buildings and 300 days of sunshine, Mykonos is rightly considered the gem of the Aegean sea!
There are several beautiful places that are worth visiting in Mykonos, and the island serves as the ideal destination for both bohemian and luxury travellers. In case you’re already in Greece and plan to arrive here from Athens, there’s a high-speed ferry service available from Piraeus port that can get you here in under 3 hours’ time. You can book your ferry tickets here on Let’s now tell you about the top 4 places that are a must-visit in Mykonos.


Kato Mili
Kato Mili is the Greek for ‘Lower Windmills’. This place was first constructed in the 16th century by the Venetians. They used wood and straw to construct these historic windmills which stand tall facing the sea, in the Chora town. There are presently a total of 16 windmills, out of which 7 stand atop the famous Chora hill. This town is worth visiting to understand how Venetians managed to harness the wind power so efficiently and to enjoy the amazing views of both the ocean and the town. For the people who’re visiting Mykonos for the first time, here’s a guide to help you out!
Little Venice Mykonos
Another important place worth visiting in Mykonos is the Little Venice Mykonos. This was constructed by the sea merchants in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Little Venice Quarter is based out of Chora’s western edge, close to the Alexandra beach. It serves as the ideal location for artists who can be seen recreating the beautiful scenery, comprising of beautiful restaurants, café’s and houses, sitting elegantly on the water’s edge, in front of them.
Platys Gialos Beach
A beach destination you cannot afford to miss in Mykonos, Platys Gialos beach is situated a short distance away from the Chora’s main town. It’s a family friendly beach that is surrounded by a good number of restaurants and hotels. The place also serves as a mini travel hub with a good number of taxi boats departing for the other popular beaches of the island, on a regular basis. There are a good number of Italian and Greek restaurants close to the beach, where you can sample some excellent food and satiate your taste buds!
Island of Delos
The birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, the famous Greek legends, the Island of Delos is definitely worth making a short trip to when you’re in Mykonos. In fact, anyone interested in architecture and literature cannot afford to miss this destination. The best way to reach here is by ferries that run regularly from Mykonos. While you are here, don’t forget to explore the Sacred Harbour which is mostly a dry lake now. Cleopatra’s House, the Terrace of the Lions and House of Dionysius, a super luxury private house built during the second century are some more places you must definitely check out in this place.

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