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Tips and Tools to Improve Travel for Seniors Recommended by The GO Group

Tips and Tools to Improve Travel for Seniors Recommended by The GO Group

Being a traveler of (or beyond) retirement age can be challenging, but that shouldn't stop anyone from taking the time to see the world. Here are eight tips and accessories to make travel more senior friendly from the travel experts at The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation and travel company:

1. Book Your Hotel Over the Phone 
While the prices on third-party travel sites may be tempting, bookings through those sites are usually less flexible. Hotel representatives can provide access to senior discounts and special offers which may not be reflected on the hotel's direct website as well as rooms with special amenities for seniors or guests with mobility issues.

2.  Compression Socks
Flying while sitting in a cramped seat for hours can lead to circulation problems, leg pain, swelling, and the risk of blood clots. Compression socks like the Silkies Compression Trouser Socks for women or the Sockwell Elevation Graduation Compression Socks for men will help  keep blood flowing smoothly to extremities.

3. Sanitize the Air you Breathe with MyAir 
Airports and airplanes are full of germs and re-circulated air that can dehydrate and exhaust passengers. To prevent picking up a bug, try MyAir face masks. These colorful and comfortable air masks filter 99% of germs, allergens, and bacteria from the air and reduce moisture lost from breathing cold, re-circulated air by 88%.

5. Rolling Carryon
The best-selling Rick Steves rolling carryon is a 21-inch expandable bag containing multiple exterior pockets and is the perfect size for even small overhead compartments. Plus, its molded shell is durable, but weighs in at only six pounds, so it is easier to lift in and out of cars and overhead storage spaces.

6.  The Convenient Collapsible Cane
The folding, adjustable Derby Walking Cane from Fashionable Canes will provide support for users to navigate airports and around destinations, then conveniently collapses for easy storage  during a flight. It's sturdy, light-weight, and comes in a variety of stylish colors.

7.  Read with Ease even in the Dark
The lighted magnifier from Shorewood Medical has a retractable handle that allows it to be held vertically or horizontally and makes it convenient for travel.  

8. VinniBag 
Need to travel with liquid medication? Planning on bringing back a bottle of wine from a trip? Keep medications and liquid souvenirs safe with VinniBag. These waterproof, easy to inflate bags seal fragile items and spill-able liquids in a pocket of air that cushions blows and prevents spillage.

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