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The Most Stunning Coasts Around the World That Can Be Reached by Car Only

The Most Stunning Coasts Around the World That Can Be Reached by Car Only

The places where land meets water always attract a lot of people. Coastlines have a laid-back atmosphere. Also, they can offer stunning landscapes, eye-catching sunrises and sunsets, and calmness. People frequently reach coastlines when they want to rest from the hustle and bustle of large cities. Since coasts attract a lot of people, it might be hard to find jaw-dropping spots without crowds of other tourists. If you enjoy passing the time far from metropolises and easy-access areas, it's recommended to take a car trip to the best world's beaches. Scroll down below and read about the most impressive coasts that can be reached by a vehicle only.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

It is one of the most cinematic roads in the world. It spans 249 miles, connecting the Torquay and Nelson cities. Australian soldiers built the road in memory of fallen fighters of WWI. Every mile of the road offers incredible views for drivers. There are a lot of spots where people can stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. Driving the road, you will be able to check a lot of different lands of this magnificent country. 

You will be able to stop and spend some time exploring rainforests and waterfalls. Also, you can find volcanoes driving this road. However, the rugged coastline is the most beautiful part of the Great Ocean Road in Australia. The beaches are always full of surfers who enjoy riding waves. Nevertheless, thanks to the large length of the coastline, you can always find a great place to make a stop and spend a night. Note, the shore is quite windy, so you have to grab a reliable tent.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

It is a perfect spot for those adoring remote areas that can be reached by car only. The archipelago is a very popular place among those who like making shots of landscapes. The islands are located in the part of Norway that meets the Arctic Circle, making the local climate distinctive. Depending on the season, you'll be able to check out the northern lights or spend nights with the sun in the sky.
Whatever the season is, you won't be able to swim in the water. Even on the hottest day in the year, the water temperature isn't high enough to lie on the beach and swim in the water. However, the beauty of this place can cover this disadvantage. By spending a weekend in this spectacular spot, you will be able to visit aesthetic fishing villages with red wooden houses. You will enjoy jaw-dropping landscapes, impressive roads, and chains of mountains. Also, tourists can rent a boat and explore the majestic fjords that cannot be met elsewhere. 

Big Sur, California, USA

This place became very popular worldwide thanks to the recently released macOS that is named in its honor. However, originally Big Sur is one of the most stunning beaches in the US. It's located in California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It can be easily reached by car thanks to Highway 1. Nevertheless, you still will be required to make a large distance. The main beach offers access to the water and vast territory to settle a camp.

Traveling by car, it's recommended to grab the Kwiky roof top tent that will help you spend an unforgettable weekend in this place with no hassle. If you decide to explore the nearby territory, you will find a lot of small towns, parks, rivers, and forests. It's an isolated area, where you can discover the almost untouched beauty of nature. 

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

It's the wildest beach in the world. It spans more than 300 miles of complete wilderness. The shore is the place where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean. It has a very unfriendly climate. Therefore, you have to bring a lot of water if you decide to spend a weekend on the uninhabited coast. Also, you need to drive there using a reliable car only, as you can spend a lot of days on the coast alone. However, if you're not ready for independent trips to the desert, some camps are settled for tourists in the desert. There, you can spend an unforgettable vacation and get some excursions to learn more about the coast's name. Note, these days, the beach is not covered by whale skeletons. However, there are a lot of sunk vessels near the beach.

Final Words

There are a lot of magnificent coasts around the world that attract a lot of travelers. Most of them are easy to access, so you have to be ready to share these places with crowds of tourists. However, if you like traveling by car, you have a great opportunity to visit unique beaches and spend some time in complete calmness. The coasts mentioned above in the post can be reached by car only. Also, all of them cover large territories, so you ought to have a vehicle to explore them well.

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