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The luxury digital nomad: working from anywhere in style

The luxury digital nomad: working from anywhere in style

The last few years have shown that there are more jobs that can be done remotely than anyone previously realised. When we talk of working remotely, many of us still picture that as working from home, but that doesn’t generally need to be the case. If you’re not required to be in an office, then the general principle is that you’re working independent of location, which means “working from home” is an outdated term. If your job allows, you can work from anywhere.
This is relevant, because it opens up an exciting world for those of us who have felt that we’d like to travel more but felt that our lifestyle prevents it. If you don’t get much of a chance to go on holiday in the course of a working year, then your best bet for enjoyable travel might well be to follow the example of the growing cohort at sites like Digital Nomad World and work from the road. And if your job - most specifically, your salary - allows you to pay a bit more, then you can become a luxury digital nomad. That’s something an increasing range of people have started to grasp.
What does being a luxury digital nomad entail?
The concept of a digital nomad for years now has been “have job, will travel”. People choose a line of work that is compatible with travel, and they take the opportunity to see the world. Some of them teach English or other languages to locals. Others take on seasonal work. But now that you can work from anywhere, the number of people who can be digital nomads has multiplied by literally thousands. A luxury digital nomad can use their more stable, higher salary to stay in nicer accommodation and make fewer compromises than someone who is dependent on picking up whatever jobs are going in their target destination.
What kind of jobs can a luxury digital nomad do?
Pretty much literally anything that you can do over the internet. The number of jobs for which you need to be physically present is fewer than ever. When it comes to office jobs, there is little that can’t be done over Zoom, Teams, Slack and a range of other services. If you focus on countries with a lower cost of living - the vast majority of which still have a high standard of living - then you can be a luxury digital nomad on a comparatively low salary. Areas such as the beautiful Black Sea coastal city of Varna cost less than half what you might be paying in the UK, US or similar places.
Can you really live in luxury while moving on regularly?
You absolutely can. If your itinerary permits, you can take annual leave to make onward journeys and get settled in new accommodation. After all, you won’t need it for an overseas holiday. It’s often best to embark on this lifestyle if your digital nomad pathway will be contained on one landmass, so you can load up a car with whatever you need to take with you and take to the road when the fancy grabs you. If that sounds limiting, bear in mind that you can drive from South Africa to China without ever leaving dry land, and but for a short ferry crossing you can do the same from Canada to Chile.
If you want to make it happen, the digital nomad lifestyle can be yours, and it can be more luxurious than you have been led to believe.

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